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Lindsey Gray  Mom of 2 humans, 2 wiener dogs, and this little baby ⇢ @shopeastandgray ✈︎ Occasional blogger ☀︎ MS to #30a ♥︎ Living peacefully with #alopecia


Warning: This video may cause fertility.
9 seconds of pure heart melting.
That ending is the cutest thing ever... We thought Mary Anders had gone back to sleep because the crying stopped before we could get to her. Nope. Her BB was just in her crib with her, making the whole world ok.

Look at that face...... I could just stare at my kids all day (when this one isn’t bouncing off the walls). There were perks to our very short bit with no power. It was time to finally slow things down a bit. After a few board games, I was able to con him into laying in my bed with me during sisters nap time. Told him he didn’t even have to close his eyes since he didn’t want to (therefore he was out within 3 minutes). That was the best nap I’ve had in yearssss!!! #hurricanemichael #meethurricanebennett

So grateful that our home and neighborhood were spared from Hurricane Michael!! Thank you to all those who checked in on us. We turned our evacuation into a family, fun trip and even though I haven’t responded to all texts yet, they are appreciated! We still have to get back and see what shape the rest of the community is in, but bottom line is everybody we personally know and love is safe and sound so we will rest much easier tonight. With that being said, the town next door to us is in horrible shape and could use tons of help and prayers right now! Our thoughts are still with everyone in our town and surrounding areas who did not get the same good news that we received today 🙏🏼

This crew is out ✌🏼. Safe travels to all the others traveling & prayers/good vibes to those staying. Let’s all hope that this does nothing but get rid of the red tide ❤️. #hurricanemichael

When all you want to do is wear Fall clothes, but it’s still a good 312 degrees outside 🙄••• p.s. Got a new favorite self tanner. Linked it here #liketkit Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app

One of my favorite bloggers made a post yesterday saying her family is going to stay in Maine for 5 weeks!!! I am soooo envious!!! It has me reminiscing back to our Maine trip last year, and especially this sunrise I got to watch with my boys (sis was still in the womb). Man, oh, mannnn I have the travel bug some kind of bad right now!
If you could take a trip this Fall, where would you go?

Headed out with the head woman in charge to finalize a few things for @shopeastandgray 🛍🛍 •• and yes, I am ridiculously super ashy light blonde now. Haven’t really decided how I feel about it, but keeping it for the week to refrain from making any rash decisions.

Be the light ☀️ ••• something I try to live by and teach my kids. I don’t want to hear the “well she said..” or “but he started it”. You know right from wrong so stick with it, even if the ones around you are not. Hard concept for a 5 year old, but there is no greater feeling than watching them choose the good in situations when they don’t even think you are watching. I love this parenthood thing. By teaching them, I am constantly being reminded of how to be a better human all the time. Especially in this “but he started it” phase. What phase are you in with your kids right now?

It’s so hard to pick just one pair of @diffeyewear (meaning this won’t be my last pair 😜) but classic black is always an easy go to! These are the Black Bellas😎 and my favorite part of @diffeyewear In case you didn’t know, they donate a pair of reading glasses to someone in need everytime a pair of sunglasses are sold! Use GRAY25 for $25 off at #diffpartner #diffeyewear

Always smiling 🧡 #thisis7months

Another view from yesterday’s sunrise. The view that never gets old.

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