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Patricia 💀  🎮🎧🎶💁💨 Mommy of 1. Taken ❤️. 414. (o)(o). Eat 💩

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Excited to try to the Mountain Ale. #getcrunk #whitegirlwasted #captainmorgan #drinks #drinkswiththebf

Whaddup black hurr.

Hot as deezy.

This is cute. Lol

Just chillin' at the boyfrans house, having a few and watching American Gangster. #potd #sexytimes #sassierundertheinfluence

Good morning lovelies, already sweating my ass off. This humidity is awful.

Dem brows are snatched doe

Here's what I had done last night, can't wait to get it finished next month.

Getting more done to my arm. :)

Got dayum, this song is so fucking dope.

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