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Lauren and Lauren™  ⭐️mickey⭐️ 💥 d͟u͞n͟c͞a͞n͟ 💥 welcome to our passion👋🏻

Said goodbye to this big handsome goof for three weeks!! 😭 but I'm so stoked to be heading to riding camp 😁 ~LKRD

In the books dreaming of being in the saddle 📚🐎 ~LKRD

Because it's been forever 💁🏼😂 and exams will be the death of me 🔫 ~LKRD

Pony never puts his ears forward!! I'm taking my 6 year old cousin riding on Thursday and its gonna be SO cute🐴😇

A touch out of focus📷🐴Realized I haven't posted all week😁😅 riding the pon on Saturday he was great on Tuesday!!

I have one picture from this same day where his canter stride is extended and then I also have this one where it's so tiny lolllllllll mickeys losing weight now and is on his way to a healthy weight so I'm a proud mom and gym buddy😋

hands down my most favourite pic of the pony👍🏼🐴 man do I hate English class🔫🔫 I have 0 urge to type up the rest of my essay 😅

Mickey looks so cute in this photo😇🐴 but I'm thinking he needs a bit of a haircut, his mane is kinda uneven in length✂️✂️

Mickey loves dandelions and that is just the cutest thing ever💘🌼🐴👼🏼 QOTD: your horse's favourite snack?

Tier watching the lesson👀🐴 having a nice relaxing PA day👍 and then barn tomorrow!!QOTD: anyone else have barn plans for the weekend??

Mickey does everything with his eyes closed 👀💤🐴 I botched the first part of my math test today whoops but it's okay bc only 3 people got it right and I'll ace part 2 tomorrow (hopefully)😅

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