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Michael Elmore  This world needs all the love it can get.

My swan dive turns her on. @shannonelmore


Happy July 4th, indeed.

Best Fathers Day Ever. Been waiting a long time for this @_caduceuscellars_ vino from @puscifer. Stellar wife even sprung for the new lid! @shannonelmore you ready for a trip to AZ? You're the best!

Need some alone time at the office to get work done? Just bring your #belgianmalinois and shut the door. You could hear a cricket but he ate it...

My boy and my beautiful wife.

Had a kick ass time today!! Had to ditch my daughter's high school graduation but totes worth it! I am so happy to see my wife @shannonelmore soon. I'm sure she's not too busy...shes only helping orchestrate @CCMFlive!!! Funny thing is she's scared I'll get piss drunk back stage and make all the performers leave bc of my hard rock core. Here's to starting a CCMF'er mosh pits back stage!

Congrats @camdenelmore on your learners permit. Glad they didn't find out you have already been driving me around for over a year now. #cantprovenuttin

Cam learning to drive on these same ole back roads we did in Uncle @jboyright 's range jeep

Crazy blue cracker sure loves a summer stroll with the windows down

Eternally grateful for those that have faithfully laid the ultimate sacrifice on the alter of Freedom.

Screaming Super Happy Birthday to this stud. Theron you have always been fantastic little boy. The stupid crazy part is you are becoming a very fine young man right before my eyes. You make me very proud to be a father and you are my favorite son I have ever had. Keep walking in the Light of the Lord and you can conquer anything. I love you more than I could ever tell you. Happy birthday, son. I hope it's the best one yet. #gonnabetalllikeme

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