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A wee bit of a funk means its time to knock some things off the list. Productivity beats the blues out... so that means it’s time to dry more raspberry leaves, chamomile blossoms, and calendula. It’s also time to FINISH the bathroom. And make lunch. And do laundry. Modern conveniences can sure be nice, but I’ll take the sweat of my brow on most occasions. We were created to work and it brings me joy to do just that. Get it girl.

‘Welcome To The Farm’ won Gold in Home & Garden at the 2017 Forward Awards! I’m so happy. Like a Mama bird watching it’s baby bird leave the nest, fly away, and do awesome things (whatever awesome things it is birds do). But mainly what’s so exciting about this is that it means y’all are reading it! And if you’re reading it, it means you’re thinking about farming. And if you’re thinking about farming, it means your life is about to get AWESOME. And dirty. But mostly awesome.

If this basket of GORGEOUS currants could magically turn itself into a filling lunch for six, I’d be most thankful. But since that probably won’t happen, I suppose it’s time for me to stop writing and instead get to it in the kitchen. Man. These people eat a lot of food. So much food. All the time. But seriously - I’m thinking of jelly with these currants. What would you do with them?

A new post on how to properly store carrots (and beets) is up on the ‘ol blog! Not that I do anything totally proper. But at least I try. Another round of these hybrid storage carrots from Johnny’s is going into the ground tomorrow! Ya done good, carrots, ya done good. (PS: details on how I grow carrots is included in the blog post). Big thanks to my friend @farmermamagrace for teaching me her ways...

I’m sad to say that, for a season, the farm will be without our beloved Katahdin sheep. They’ve given us such joy - and such delicious provision - for over four years now, but as we clear the ‘barn’ area to build further infrastructure, we realize it’s much easier to build it without animals actually living in it while you’re trying to do that!🤪So as the barn and surrounding areas are built and reworked, the sheep must go. We are looking to sell them (three breeding ewes and the most wonderful ram) to someone who will care for them and provide them with a good home. They’ve been so good to us and will certainly be a blessing to someone else’s farm. They respect fences, come when called, breed and lamb without assistance, and have each given us twins every year! We are located in central WA. Please PM me for price and further details.

I did a class on oils and children a few days back, spurred on by an experience I had a week ago. Owen broke out head to toe in horrible hives for, apparently, no reason. I panicked and started thinking of the worst: anaphylactic shock. Deep breath. Oil guidebook. Roman chamomile is a natural anti-histamine, as is Rosemary. I grabbed both, rubbed him down, and he was fine within the the hour. Like it never even happened. If you are new to oils and don’t have the support of a wellness community yet, please PM me your email and I’ll send you a link to the class recording. I’m very thankful to have these as a tool in my tool belt. Also in my tool belt: good food, low screen time, lots of fresh air, reduced stress, and lots of good sleep and fellowship 🙌

Owen. My passionate, bold, open, strong-willed, soft-hearted love. I still can’t figure out how they grow up and this photo stings my Mama heart. He looks gigantic. But he’s not. He still needs me to tuck him in, give him a thousand kisses, tie his shoes, and fry his eggs. I’ll happily do that as long as he needs me to 💗Sweet thing.

Beets, beets, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you want to eat! That’s how the song goes, right?... Seriously though, toot jokes aside, it’s the season for beet EVERYTHING! Beet salad, beet soup, roasted beet tart, pickled beets, beet kvass... right from the garden, and picked when they’re not too big, they’re like candy. I told my kids beets help filter toxins out of blood and now they’re set on devouring them all because apparently, that’s a cool fact. See? Beets are cool. Who knew.

If Stuart and I were carrots.... oh la la! 😍I guess that means I subconsciously forgave him for weed whacking the elderberry bush after all...

Stu accidentally weed wacked my elderberry bush. You know, the specially chosen one needed for cross pollination. Should I forgive him? I’m leaning towards no. I kid, I kid. Of course I will. Maybe.

I turned away from foxglove for many a season. Toxic if ingested? No, thank you. But then my kiddos got a wee bit older and started to respect words like ‘No.’ when it came to my garden... and Tasha Tudor finally convinced me to try, in her not so subtle words and photographs. I’ve now planted a dozen of these gentle apricot foxgloves and I’m dying over here. Not of it’s digitalis effect, but over it’s pure splendor. Peek inside. Can’t you just see a fairy tucked away in the blossom? The beauty! The magic! I can’t take it.

Stu was gone this weekend and I was here with the littles - little cows included. Here’s a few things I learned: I get more gardening done when he’s not here to chat with and parenting is much easier done in pairs. Also, we not only co-parent, we also co-milk. He takes the left teats, I take the right. So Cece is excited for him to be back too.

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