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Sourdough einkorn starter... to our health! So much of what we do revolves around feeling well and being well. We are blessed to be in a time with so many tools at our disposal for wellness. There are lots of tools in our tool-belt. Food is one. Oils are another. If you've been wondering if oils can help you with your hormones, cycles, TMJ, stress, depression, arthritis, etc., etc., the answer is YES. I've got three more spots available this week for a private phone conversation. We will talk about your health goals and concerns, a bit about dōTERRA, and the best oils to get you started. My part takes about 30 minutes. You don't have to buy anything, but I can help you place an order if you do see something you'd like. Easy as sourdough pie crust, baby. PM or email me to snag your spot // shaye@theelliotthomestead.com.

We've had lots and lots of visitors to the farm, sharing food and fellowship, over the past few weeks and it's been a wealth of richness for my heart and belly. Although, admiringly so, I am now so tired... a bit of iced coffee, a quick nap, and some takeout tacos will surely do the trick. At least until Saturday's all-out lamb roast!

Brown eyed bed head. Swoon.

Friday means family supper with the whole gang. Last week, it was Greek chicken for thirty (pictured above). This week, it's tacos. All weeks, it's crazy love. .
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Rumor has it growing strawberries and chives together makes for the best of both - looks to be true. Rumor also has it the poison ivy on my face is greatly improving, thanks to my oils - also true. It's magic all around today!

This was obviously taken BEFORE I got poison ivy on my face. Yay.

I've challenged the family to eat greens at every meal. The kale, collards, chard, beet greens, and spinach are showing us such love ❤️ I return the favor by letting them swim in béchamel.
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Later today, watch for this recipe to drop on the blog. And by drop, I mean be watching for me to pry at least seventeen minutes away from my endlessly active and inquisitive children to write it down. 'Momma, how does gravity work?'... 'Momma, how does a rainbow have all the colors?'...'Momma, can you explain relativism and molecular theories?'... ummm.... how about I just make you rhubarb and berry galette instead. Go ask Daddy the rest.

It's Monday. I can't say it's my FAVORITE day of the week. Round these parts, it means a lot of chores (and not the fun kind). What I DO love about Mondays is that I get to remind you that I've opened up a few more spots this week for personal calls (or video chat) with me. Anxiety? Sleep? Allergies? Digestive health? Emotions? Hormones? Thyroid? You bring me your concerns and goals - I'll bring you something to help. During the appointment, we'll go over your specific health goals. YOURS. Tailored to you, baby.
My part only takes about 30 minutes. You don't have to buy anything, but if you do see something you like, I can help you order it.
Email me: shaye@theelliotthomestead.com or PM me to snag one of the few spots available.

The challenge of cooking for all these little people day after day is cooking food I get excited about. It keeps the time spent in the kitchen creative and delicious. Like this Gruyere cheesy pasta with buttered breadcrumbs. We don't often pasta, but when we do, we do it right, yo. Macaroni and cheese has been intensely upgraded.

It's elderflower season and we just happen to have a slew of them over the hillsides surrounding the cottage. These ones are destined for cordial and 'champagne'. Delicate deliciousness at its best. What spring fun are you having today?

Willy runs on raw milk, fresh air, and essential oils. And he's doing GREAT! We have two more spots open this week for a video call with yours truly - the chances of my children making a cameo appearance are high. During this video call, I will listen to your health goals and concerns, share about the oils, and share with you the most popular kits available. My part takes about a half an hour. You don't have to buy an oils, but if you see something you like, I can help you order it. Easy as pie. PM/email to schedule a time ❤️shaye@theelliotthomestead.com

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