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I have no snappy caption or profound advise today: frankly, I'm tired. So is everyone. We haven't see a cloud or drop of rain in months. It's go time all the time. Even though our work keeps us here and grounded, the pain of the life we live and effort that goes into it is very real. I need a triple espresso, a home cooked meal (that I don't have to cook or clean up), and a rainy day stat. A gin cocktail wouldn't be bad either.

Stocking up on four gallons of fermented pickles for winter eating... and that's just the beginning. I'm peer pressuring Stuart into converting part of the root cellar under the kitchen into a walk-in refrigerator for keeping all our ferments and cures at an ideal chilled temperature through the winter. It's hard to hang a pig carcass in a normal fridge - even in the industrial one like we have currently. These pickles (recipe will be up today) are but a small fraction of what will be put up for winter stores in the walk-in. In the meanwhile, they'll spend a few days curing at room temperature - that's where the magic happens. Keep your Netflix. I'll watch the pickles bubble 😍
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West coast, best coast. Breeeeeeathe in that air!

Sometimes one must simply be with the sea. We are two and a half hours from the Pacific Coast and it's far too far some days. I need that salt air in my bones - much like the scent of coffee, cow manure, or tomato plants. Note to self: escape to the ocean much more often. Question to self: can I bring my cow with me into a house boat?

Apricots are sexy. There. I said it. And a bowl of apricots from my neighbors? Well, they are just about as good as it gets. These are destined for chocolate cake. I simply can't handle the succulence. In other news, the rest of the kitchen is destroyed... so let's just appreciate this teeny frame of control.

Last year at this time, I was hovered over my laptop writing the last of Welcome To The Farm (do you have your copy yet?). This year, I promised myself that I would savor the farm summer moments that flew by last year in all the writing. It's ridiculous that a few gallons of fermenting pickles, a few trays of dehydrating apricots, and drying herb bundles can bring this much joy. Looking forward to a weekend that's unplugged so I can continue to unwind and work this land that I love. PS: I am also looking forward to Fall 2018 😉

Guess how long these blueberry scones lasted? No really, guess. Fine, I'll tell you. Twelve minutes. Elbows were thrown, tackles were made, threats were made. But in the end, don't worry. I totally beat the kids out for some. .
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'I like to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour if only we tune in.' - George Washington Carver

We've welcomed cross country family this past weekend and will come to fellowship and host throughout the week. It's a great time to breathe deep and watch for the magic to come. It always does...

I heard it said this week that it's a struggle to have roots and wings all at once. I am most certainly a root grower, as much as I'd like to think of myself as something else. The world tell us to be 'epic'... but isn't knowing a place, it's seasons, it's details, it's tastes - isn't that truly remarkable? Even with these weighty roots, the world explodes with goodness and mercy around me. I don't know what much of the world smells like, but I do know the smell of mountain elderflowers mixed with our honey. It doesn't matter if I have to wake up each morning to milk the cow and that prevents me from doing... whatever it is people with wings do. Because this life, right here amongst the roots, is as good as it gets for this ol' bird.

Lovage. A perennial that gives and gives. I harvest and bundle to dry every few days for winter usage - substituted in soup and stocks for celery. 'Soup celery' was grown commonly but has since been long forgotten. Y'all. Let's plant some more.

This echinacea tincture recipe is up on the blog and it's the most wonderful time of year to get you some. Two ingredients: echinacea and alcohol. Perfect for keeping the nasties away. In other relevant news, I've devoted the month ahead to my own personal health. I'll be starting dōTERRA's cleanse and restore for my gut - to continue to eliminate the bads and replenish the goods! Lots of water. Collagen. Yoga. Oils. The heartbeat of alive food in plenty this time of year. Herbs for support. It's looking good, baby!
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