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Eliza Rose 🌹  God first. stay positive. 📍NOLA 🇱🇧🇮🇹🇸🇾 - twitter & snap @TheElizaRose

When you expect someone to be great but they end up being toxic 🤧 #comingforyouall

Sometimes I actually miss my dark hair... 🍯

When she listens to Latin music too 🤑 vid from @amanda_divittorio 💞 whole outfit from my fav @forever21 😽

Here’s a pic of me watching all my fxcks fly away 🤪

I don’t think y’all understand how badly I want to start over or just start treating insta like my spam acc 🤷‍♀️ my instagram doesn’t reflect the true me bc i worry too much on my “feed” (even tho I don’t have one LOL) and I reeeeally am getting sick of it. I don’t like that what gets clicks a lot of the time is false happiness, materialistic things, or an out of this world body. That’s not me, it never has been. Social media pressures you to fit in a box so much that now we see so many people that just look like clones of each other. I wanna keep it real w y’all at all times & I’m trying to figure out the best way to do that 🙂

Throwback to dark hair & messy dorm rooms that I definitely don’t miss 🙈
glasses & earrings: @forever21
shirt: @poloralphlauren
pants: @americaneagle
dog: @apollopalooza 🤪

I’m mad cause insta deleted my first caption for this but let’s try it again. HABIBI. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s crazy to think that if you hadn’t popped your tire not even a year ago we wouldn’t know each other. I never guess someone’s sign so confidently and I remember asking you if you were a Taurus when I met you to which you said “nah I’m a sag.” But guess WHAT LOVE. it’s May 11 so turns out I was right ♉️ You’ve played a huge role in the craziest parts of my life and I couldn’t be more thankful. Not often do you meet someone on the same wavelength and with the same energy as you; the universe quite obviously brought us together for a reason. I love you habibi and wish you all the beautiful blessings in life. Thank you for being a best friend of mine no matter the distance, constantly inspiring me to reach for the stars, and encouraging me to be unapologetically myself at all times ✨ 💛

Passionate from miles away 🥀

I’ve determined this is my new signature hairstyle 💗

Daily reminder that just because you’re obsessing over how someone else looks, doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful or they don’t have insecurities❣️ Sometimes I have days where I beat myself up because there’s a million & 1 things I wish I could change about myself, but life is wayyy more than the way you look. Be your #1 hype man because nobody will love you more than you can learn to love yourself 🤪

The last filter wasn’t cohesive w my feed oOPS (if u re-like this after I deleted the last one u the real MVP) 💋

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