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King David  ♕Leave your shoes at the door, welcome into this Royal Palace, come in, relax, and enjoy your visit!♕ - Your Royal Highness! 🔰

It's NOTHING like having a core group of friends!!! I wouldn't change anything in for all of you! Although @marc.terrell @no_pro_bono and @jamaal1410 are missing from the #SuaveSeven in this the bond is still there! I love all of you wholeheartedly for being such amazing people in mine and each other's lives! This right here is a lifetime of fun, love, friendship and most of all FAMILY!

The #suaveseven with the exception of @jamaal1410 . Another successful fun filled amazingness! Ain't nothing like having a good good set of friends that carry no drama! Damn damn damn is all you can say when looking at this! #jamaalbemissing #youeitherwithusoragainstus #everybodyaintable #youcantsitwithus #youbigmadorlittlemad #beyenotpuffedup #lookatyounowlookatus #nostoppinus #areyoumadornah #younggiftedandblack #blackexcellence

Anybody that truly knows me knows and understands my love for The Lion King. I've seen plenty of Broadway plays on and off Broadway but I've never seen The Lion King! Until tonight...thanks to none other than the twin/bestie for this AMAZING birthday gift!!!! #myfave #thelionking #kneweverywordandeverysong

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY @theekingdavid !!! That's ME!!!!! Oh how good it feels! 30 and just getting started!! #dirty30 #thirtyandthriving #watchmework #itdontgetnobetterthanthis #neverfeltsogood

No matter where, far or near! I must represent and educate these people out here about none other than @tsoulmusic ! This shirt is nothing less than a conversation piece and a way for me to spread the word! Make you sure go to and order yours as well! And yes, I will be washing it tomorrow and wearing it on the flight back home Sunday!! #Top12 #TeamBlake #TheVoice #Vote #A1SinceDay1 #support

Happy Birthday Best Friend!!! About tonight!!!! #friends #fun #dinner #itdontgetnobetterthanthis

Tonight was great with Martina! #loveanchorsthesoul

Guess who is now number 13 on the iTunes top R&B Charts and still rising... you got it!!! @tsoulmusic is!! Make sure you keep on buying and SHARING let's get it to number one!!! Check out the YouTube video of tonight's knockout round!!! Also, don't forget to visit the website and check out the store while you're at it (! #nbcthevoice #tsouldiers #teamblake #linkinbio

I've been waiting on my boo @candiceglover to drop some new New and she has!!! Loving it!!!! Go sis!!!

Just the chorus alone is all you need!! Best believe!!! Don't get comfortable at the bottom and stay there! When you know better you do better!
Neither one of us is blind, it's plain to see
You were never ever mine, you don't want me
You don't want this to be yours if you don't want this good love
Baby, baby, you can trust that somebody does
Somebody, that somebody does
SOMEBODY! #laporsharenae #myish #songonrepeat #somebodydoes #newsingle

The lovely @sherylunderwood and I! I had to get on her for fussing at me while on the @steveharveyfm lol

Brunchin' with the bitties!!! #saturdayfunday #brunch #fun #mimosas

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