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💪🏼 trufusion  🦄 spanish x honduran 📍 las vegas + philadelphia 🌙 not a public figure, just me

While I was in Hawaii, I found myself being extremely blessed and loved by all the people I was on the retreat with. I barely knew them but the amount of unconditional love was extraordinary. I was going through some personal things but I never lost hope. I always kept looking forward and worked on healing my soul. When I took this photo, I remember thinking to myself, God I leave everything in your hands. My prayers were heard that week... Today I have to say, I did the right thing.. The scariest thing about life is the unknown.. Hawaii|May 24, 2018...

Do you sometimes stop to think your purpose in life??? My whole life I was told by my mother, she wanted me to be a mother one day because she was raised with 13 brothers and sisters, she went on to be a mother herself and my brother and sister have their own children but there was something inside of me that didn’t feel right about being a mother.. I am blessed that my mother chose the journey to be a mother herself because I’d of not ended up with such an amazing mother. But in reality we are taught our whole life by society to create life but I don’t always think that’s the right path for everyone.. I believe that God has a purpose for each of us on this planet. My purpose is a different one and I am living my best life, the way I believe it fits my needs and makes my heart happy. Society is one cruel thing, it leads you to believe in something that might not be right for you.. find your place on this beautiful planet.. don’t get sucked in by society.. do what best fits your soul.. Sept. 27, 2018|Day 4.... #tb #stlucia

I am ready to share your face with social media... we’ve been back together for over two months and our relationship is so much stronger than ever.. I would of never imagine meeting such a beautiful soul... we’ve been through some shit but that shit really has only made us stronger... Yesterday, we celebrated your birthday with some of your very close friends and I was so blessed to have witness the amount of love your friends have for you and how they stand by your side no matter what you go through in life!!! I love you so much!!! We finally found each other!!! We are most definitely certain of that now!!! Never letting you go again.. I promise to hold you so tight and to love you unconditionally no matter what we go through in life... Happy 50th Birthday My Love!!!!

CONFIDENCE is such a beautiful thing... you don’t need anyone to tell you; you are beautiful, you don’t need anyone to help you with the things you need, you don’t need anyone to make you feel loved. All you need is yourself!! Believe in yourself and the amazing super power you have to make yourself climb that mountain!!! Anything is possible when you believe in yourself!!! Sept. 26, 2018|Day 3 in St. Lucia

As I spend a week in a place of poverty and beautiful at the same time!! I sat back and thought to myself... I am seriously so blessed, beyond words. My parents raised an amazing child. They taught me the value and meaning of life. They taught me to be humble and to respect anyone no matter where they come from and who they are, rich or poor. Visiting St. Lucia reminded me of living in Honduras. I felt so at peace and I felt like a child again. People in America have it so good. Many people feel entitled to having everything when they’ve never worked a day in their lives and never learned the value of hard work. When you work for something your whole life, it humbles you to want to be better!!! Thank you God for the amazing gift you’ve given!! I will always be thankful for it!!! Sept. 30, 2018|Day 7 in St. Lucia #stlucia #lifeisbeautiful #godisgood

Curly was so sweet... He gave me lots of sugar and lots of hugs after our bonding time... Sept. 24, 2018| Day 1: Horseback Riding

Good night handsome, are you ready? 😜😜😜

a note: to be enough for someone in the world of greed is everything.

“Really in the mood for a long drive with no real destination.” -mindset creator

Show me the way and I will follow your lead.... we are unstoppable together and we will continue to be unstoppable til the end of time!!! I stole your heart the moment you laid eyes on me in Vegas and you stole my heart without me even realizing it!! You’ve taught me valuable lessons no one has even taught me in life. That’s why I am your QUEEN and you are my KING 🤴🏻!!!

I know now that, I have found my best friend, my life and business partner, my twin flame and the love of my life.. Spending the rest of our lives together will be the 2nd best gift God has given me on this planet!!! He knew exactly what he was doing when pulled us apart and brought us back together!!! We grow stronger and stronger each and everyday!!! I pray to live a very long life together for the next decades and decades to come!!! I couldn’t imagine life without you in it!!

Balthazar 🛥

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