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💪🏼 trufusion  💘 mrs to my king 🦄 spanish x honduran 🌙 not a public figure, just me 🔥 las vegas + philadelphia

Cotton Candy Happiness 🍭

Batwoman is coming to your rescue..

Stay original and let the world copy you.

I love my man.. he loves my goofiness, my wildest, my drive but most importantly, he supports my dreams.. ladies, if you ever meet a man who treats you like you’re his everything, don’t take him for granted. Instead, support him (not just sexually but emotionally) because men like them are rare. Total unicorns 🦄... stop selling your soul to the devil.. don’t waste your time with total pieces of shit of men.. being confident and trusting in your intuition, takes a lot of work but once all that work starts happening, you’ll start believing your worth and what you deserve..

Perfection isn’t real.. but the color PINK is..

Being able to travel to 4 different islands outside of the U.S. and 1 island inside of the U.S. was such an incredible blessing last year... I did ayahuasca twice, I made some amazing changes and I am not stopping here. I have so much more to grow and so many more lessons to learn but I am so thankful for all of the lessons learned because it’s teaching me to grow in every way possible. I am grabbing 2019 by the horns and running with it. #beachthrone #honduras #roatan

Take me where the sand is pink and the ocean is crystal clear...

While I say goodbye to the old year 2018 and welcome the new year 2019. The best word to describe 2018 is “REDEMPTION.” This year was a ride of a lifetime... I came out stronger than ever!!! I am thankful to “GOD,” for all the strength he gave me through it all. Unknowingly, I fell in love! I finally know what is like to love and being loved unconditionally. We search our whole lives for love like this. I’ve finally found my soul and my twin flame in the process at age 33 and I’d not trade it for the world. King and Queen!! Happy New Year 🎈!!

Rest In Peace Abuelita... I will see you again one day in a beautiful place looking all happy and no longer in pain. You’ve been suffering for a long time and holding on to life but you couldn’t anymore. I know in fact you’re in a better place.. God had a plan for you and it was your time. 12/25/2018

Feeling Blissful 🌟

Everything about this photo is magical ✨✨... take me back to Portland.. #tb

Love so sweet like the sky....

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