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Olivier Richters  🔽 Olivier Richters (MSc) 2.18m 7'2ft tallest Actor / b.builder of the world. Age 28 155kg 🔽CEO of @musclemeatnl and .de

Today I arrived in India Mumbai after 10 hours of flying 🤗. I will be visiting the @sheruclassic, biggest sports event of India, this Thursday to Sunday. For those who are there: find me at @qntsportnutrition booth #72. Hope to post some epic moment from here in Mumbai upcoming days! #sheruclassic #india #mumbai #bodybuilding #fitness

Video about being the tallest bodybuilder of the world just went online! Youtube link in my BIO. Don't forget to put subtitles on :). Video made by @xxlnutrition . For this video I went from 6400kcal to 4500kcal for 6 weeks, losing 8kg to have a better shape. #bodybuilding #fitness #thedutchgiant

The last 8 years I have put pressure on this body. Not just being tall and heavy lifting at the gym, but I also gained 70kg and had a pectus excavatum (nuss-bar) operation. Therefor I made an appointment at PreScan Germany and went trough every machine and test possible. MRI scan, CT-scan, bloodwork, every organ checked, cancer, arteriosclerosis, etc etc. Just came back from the results and there were zero abnormalities 🤗. With putting on 70kg I didn't sacrifise my health. This will definitely be celebrated this weekend 😁.

"I lift things up and put them down"
Was practicing Hulk-Smash at Pinewood studios for @raversmovie . Thanks to stunt coordinator @paellapete and @bernhardpucheruk I learned a lot that week. For instance: how to trow around humans without breaking them 😅. @alec_gillis , can I borrow The Predator suit next time 😇? #raversmovie #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #fitness #giant #pinewoodstudios

Had an amazing meeting with Dean for a potential new film. Dean is a scriptwriter and after seeing this photo of himself he said ''maybe I should write a remake of the movie 'twins 1988' (Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito) '' 🤣 @universal_nl @unistudios (Dean is 5'5/1.65cm) #twins #dannydevito #arnoldschwarzenegger #thedutchgiant #giant #bodybuilding #universalstudios

What you going to do when The Dutch Giant comes for you 👹? Some screenshot from @raversmovie . People describe me as a calm and friendly giant, thus it was amazing to bring the beast inside me alive and go rampage haha. #thedutchgiant #marvel #raversmovie #sony #pinewoodstudios #paramount #disneystudios

Milestone moment: first premiere 😁! Had an amazing weekend in London at @raversmovie premiere, fully sold out with 700 seats. The reviews of Ravers are good! Looking forward to who it will be sold and where it can be seen in the near feature. Upcoming days I will post photos of my role in Ravers and a making of post.

Yesterday evening I was invited by the Dutch talkshow ''Laat op één'', to talk live about my road to becoming an international movie actor. Watch it back here, skip to 35:40 minutes (link in bio) or google on: "olivier richters laat op een" #laatopeen #jinek #raversmovie #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #actor #horror

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Just received these photos from the commercial @roadguard_nl shoot 😁. Will post the commercial this thursday! Special makeup: @carola_brockhoff . For all Dutchies: check de app! Zeer mooi alternatief op de ANWB Pechhulp, zonder abonnement!! Photographer: @roelvankoppenhagen

Meet Røtgart, your personal Viking for all problems on the road 💪!
Upcoming week the commercial is launching of the Dutch app @roadguard_nl .
In the next days I will post the video on my page. Was fun to work on this project, had a lot of humor.
Special thanks to @carola_brockhoff for bringing the cartoon viking to life! #thedutchgiant #viking #roadguard #bodybuilding #fitness

🥘What do I eat?🥘
For castings and business I got to keep up my gains (155kg/342lb at 2.18m/7.2ft) at all time. Meaning a strict diet of 7 meals every day. Thanks to @musclemeatnl and @xxlnutrition I do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The volume of these 7 meals together is:
✅ 500gr oats🍞
✅ 400gr chickenbreast🍗
✅ 200gr salmon🐟
✅ 200gr steak🥩
✅ 12 whole eggs🥚
✅ 500gr cottage cheese🧀
✅ 100gr Whey
✅ 40gr olive oil
✅ 300gr green vegetable mix🥦
This gives you an idea what kind of fuel a human body needs to keep the engine running at this size. Do not try this amount. If I ate this 3 years ago I would have been Fat Bastard (Austin Powers) 😅. The volume rises with the amount of muscle mass you create over the years (protein) and the total weight that you carrying around (kcal). #bodybuilding #gains #gainz #giant #thedutchgiant

Can you stop The Dutch Giant when he goes fatally beserk 👺 ? (IMDB: Ravers 2019). The premiere of my first abroad movie has just been announced; @raversmovie 25th of August, London!
Ravers follows an illegal night-time rave, in a factory where contaminated energy drinks caused a worker to go fatally berserk, that turns into a nightmare. As a forgotten batch of the drink is found and consumed by drunken ravers, a truly terrifying physical transformation takes over and those unaffected try to escape in panic. Becky, a germophobic journalist, reluctantly there to cover the event, is trapped among the increasingly hostile crowd of dancers, and to save herself and her friends, she has to overcome her deepest phobias to help them get out alive.
#thedutchgiant #raversmovie #ravers

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