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Olivier Richters  🔽 Olivier Richters (MSc) 2.18m 7'2ft tallest Actor / b.builder of the world. Age 28 155kg 🔽CEO of @musclemeatnl and .de

Meet Røtgart, your personal Viking for all problems on the road 💪!
Upcoming week the commercial is launching of the Dutch app @roadguard_nl .
In the next days I will post the video on my page. Was fun to work on this project, had a lot of humor.
Special thanks to @carola_brockhoff for bringing the cartoon viking to life! #thedutchgiant #viking #roadguard #bodybuilding #fitness

🥘What do I eat?🥘
For castings and business I got to keep up my gains (155kg/342lb at 2.18m/7.2ft) at all time. Meaning a strict diet of 7 meals every day. Thanks to @musclemeatnl and @xxlnutrition I do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The volume of these 7 meals together is:
✅ 500gr oats🍞
✅ 400gr chickenbreast🍗
✅ 200gr salmon🐟
✅ 200gr steak🥩
✅ 12 whole eggs🥚
✅ 500gr cottage cheese🧀
✅ 100gr Whey
✅ 40gr olive oil
✅ 300gr green vegetable mix🥦
This gives you an idea what kind of fuel a human body needs to keep the engine running at this size. Do not try this amount. If I ate this 3 years ago I would have been Fat Bastard (Austin Powers) 😅. The volume rises with the amount of muscle mass you create over the years (protein) and the total weight that you carrying around (kcal). #bodybuilding #gains #gainz #giant #thedutchgiant

Can you stop The Dutch Giant when he goes fatally beserk 👺 ? (IMDB: Ravers 2019). The premiere of my first abroad movie has just been announced; @raversmovie 25th of August, London!
Ravers follows an illegal night-time rave, in a factory where contaminated energy drinks caused a worker to go fatally berserk, that turns into a nightmare. As a forgotten batch of the drink is found and consumed by drunken ravers, a truly terrifying physical transformation takes over and those unaffected try to escape in panic. Becky, a germophobic journalist, reluctantly there to cover the event, is trapped among the increasingly hostile crowd of dancers, and to save herself and her friends, she has to overcome her deepest phobias to help them get out alive.
#thedutchgiant #raversmovie #ravers

A year ago, I booked a helicopter flight in Las Vegas to go over the Grand Canyon for myself and my girlfriend. When we arrived, they told me: "you are too big, you pay double", not even kidding while I did fit in one seat 😅. Is life more expensive as a giant? A question I get asked often and the answer is yes. The above is one of the many examples I face on a daily basis. Think about three times the amount of food (blessed with @musclemeatnl ! 💪) adjusting your home, type of car, special clothing stores, tailor made clothing, special seats (plane) etc. Don't get the wrong idea! I very much enjoy being a giant, just a little insight in my life 😊. #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #fitness #lasvegas

What should I do next 👹?
I have been some creatures in the past and would like to do one again. I would like to hear your suggestions! For instance in my last post someone said please do X-men Colussus 😎. #cosplay #cosplayer #thedutchgiant

⭐40.000 calorie sandwich video⭐
Together with @wutrusmit I made lunch for my team at @musclemeatnl. We tried to set a new record with 198 slices of @dr_zaks_ltd protein bread. Also a total of 6kg chicken is built in 💪video link in my bio!

That moment you reach 2.18m/7.2ft and can reach almost everything 😅. People frequently say to me '''watch your head'', ''look out''! Which is of course very of friendly, but do I ever bump/hurt my head?
When a single door has not been above your height for the last 9 years, your mind just starts ducking, without thinking. Good boy brain 💆‍♂! But it is not just the doors. Even the highest object like signs at train and subway stations are not high enough. It is a never ending situation where I got used to. The only time I ever bumped my head was because the glass window above a door was so clean that I didn't see it. The sound of the collision was so hard... the whole building heard it 😁.

This weekend I suprised my girlfriend with a weekend Berlin. Great city, we enjoyed our time there. We really did a lot in 2 days. Most impressive was "Berliner Unterwelten" WWII bunker tour. Not the most romantic thing 😅 but it was worth it. #berlin #thedutchgiant

World strongest @thorbjornsson (the mountain) and I raised the average height on BodyPower 😁 (2.06m /6.9ft and 2.18m /7.2ft) . #bodypower #themountain #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #gameofthrones @hbo @gameofthrones @iamlenaheadey

That face people make when they meet the final boss in a game 👹😅
Fact: I used to be a pro gamer from age 14 to 20, going under the name Scoobz0r. The games I played on high international level were Painkiller, Warsow, Quakeworld, QuakeLive. And other games just for fun like Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat. #finalboss #endboss #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #fibo2018 #fitness

That moment when you pay for extra space, but it is not enough 😅. Not sure someone can sit next to me. Bodypower was awesome, thank you all for standing in line for a photo! Feels like a honor to have so many fans 💪. Made a lot of pictures, for instance with the strongest man of the world Thor. Will post them all upcoming week! Flying to Amsterdam now. Photo credit: @silverfox_fitness #klmcityhopper #thedutchgiant

Unfortuantly I missed Mothersday due to the expo. See you tomorrow Mama 🤗! The picture is from 1994, I'm 5 years old. Even giants were little once 😅. My brother Rein on the right. Ps. I miss my blond hair haha. #mothersday.

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