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Olivier Richters  πŸ”½ Olivier Richters (MSc) 2.18m 7'2ft tallest Actor / b.builder of the world. Age 27 153kg πŸ”½CEO of MuscleMeat.nl and .de


I have been working very hard this year on my acting career :). The trip and meetings in Los Angeles - Hollywood, Cannes Film Festival, every weekend acting classes and making my portfolio by doing smaller acting jobs for material. Paving the way for an awesome 2018. Photo's by @stefanammerlaanphotography .

Thank you @qntsportnutrition for the Arnold Classic Barcelona invitation! Was awesome working with your team. Apperently I got a sister, atleast that was what everybody thought because of the lenght hehe @svieva The fans were overwelming at this fair. There was no end to the line. Thank you all for waiting, was great meeting you all and I had a lot of fun. Upcoming focus: @musclemeatnl and myself grow to the absolute max!
#arnoldclassic #ace2017 #ace #arnoldclassiceurope2017

Meet me at @arnoldclassiceurope Barcelona this weekend! I'm at @qntsportnutrition near the entrance!

Unfortuantly I got infected by some bacteria after FIBO China. 10 days bed rest and anti biotics πŸ˜‘. Atleast I could continue working for my online supermarket @musclemeatnl from home. Just recovered 2 days ago. Now Barcelona. πŸ’ͺ My body is taking heavy hits... After Barcelona I will finally have time again to grow this body to its full potential.
#ace2017 #arnoldclassiceurope #arnoldclassic2017

Yesterday was my girlfriends birthday!We visited the Pearl Tower Shanghai China, standing 468 meter tall as one of the tallest buildings in the world. Awesome 360 degrees view of Shanghai. Last day FIBO, flying back tonight!

FIBO China is smaller than FIBO Germany, but itis just the 3th edition. It has a lot of visitors and they are amazing, friendly and respectfull. They thank you 3 times for the photos you take with them. Two visitors even brought me back to the hotel so I wouldn't have to take a taxi.

When you see it...πŸ‘πŸ˜‰. So... @erkojun and me have been told that this is an ass-model. She puts here live stream on, shows, and within 30 seconds has 200.000 live streamers. No disrespect, we were just a little suprised hehe. When you think about it; Instagram is full of ass-models, we just don't call them like that.

Today I arrived in Shanghai for FIBO China with @erkojun for @qntsportnutrition ! So far the chinese people have been very friendly and the hotel is awesome. I hope to post more upcoming days!

Didn't know Krusty the Clown was a giant aswell πŸ˜…. Universal studios Hollywood was awesome. Man he was funny, wish I had a video of it. Tip: buy a fastlane ticket when you are there, it is 100% worth it. We did the whole park which would else be impossible. We only skipped one attraction because I did not fit in (photo 2) hehe. #universalstudios #thedutchgiant

Ok... let's not make a sport out of "who can squat @thedutchgiant" hehe, but I have to give my credits of the month to @bradleymartyn for squating me with chains πŸ’ͺ. Total weight 5x 173kg / 381lbs. Being an unstable weight that extremely heavy haha. If you are every in Los Angeles and you want to train, @zooculture got my recommendation!

I'm really sad to hear that Rich Piana has passed away... It is a loss for everyone. He was really good to his fans. Patience, friendly, happy and always willing to take a photo if you asked. Something I will always remember is blocking the business class path with Rich. #richpiana

This Terminator scared the sh*t out of me when I watched part 2 as a little kid haha. So dwarfing him now at Paramount Studios, so many years later, made me laugh πŸ˜…. This is the official Terminator that was used in the movie for @Schwarzenegger. Also the exact height as Arnold. #terminator #thedutchgiant

Probably the most famous sign of the world 😎. It was a 3 hour hike from the place called the Observatory in L.A. Had tons of food and water with me to survive this 3 hour cardio in the burning 34 degree celcius sun πŸ˜…. Swipe to see my backpack haha. #hollywood #thedutchgiant

Got to armwrestle Trunks (@julianjaye) infront of a big crowd and "lost"( fake news 😜) haha. Any Dragonball z/super fans out there? I'm a big fan among other animes :)! This was an anime convention in L.A. (convention center) and dragonball super was a big part of it 😎. Who should I cosplay once, King Cold, super Buu... ( @sanne.visscher ) ?

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