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Olivier Richters  πŸ”½ Olivier Richters (MSc) 2.18m 7'2ft tallest Actor / b.builder of the world. Age 27 153kg πŸ”½CEO of and .de

This Terminator scared the sh*t out of me when I watched part 2 as a little kid haha. So dwarfing him now at Paramount Studios, so many years later, made me laugh πŸ˜…. This is the official Terminator that was used in the movie for @Schwarzenegger. Also the exact height as Arnold. #terminator #thedutchgiant

Probably the most famous sign of the world 😎. It was a 3 hour hike from the place called the Observatory in L.A. Had tons of food and water with me to survive this 3 hour cardio in the burning 34 degree celcius sun πŸ˜…. Swipe to see my backpack haha. #hollywood #thedutchgiant

Got to armwrestle Trunks (@julianjaye) infront of a big crowd and "lost"( fake news 😜) haha. Any Dragonball z/super fans out there? I'm a big fan among other animes :)! This was an anime convention in L.A. (convention center) and dragonball super was a big part of it 😎. Who should I cosplay once, King Cold, super Buu... ( @sanne.visscher ) ?

The most famous giant in the world: Goofy 😎! Had an awesome day with my gf at Disneyworld. The long lines were crazy in the burning sun, but we did everything that we wanted (13 hours in the park) and I had enough food and proteinshakes with me. I didn't fit in all the rides haha, but there was enough to do. #disneyland

Sat down with @jorgenator66 at Gold's Gym Venice, high-end personal trainer of Hollywood stars like Ben Affleck and Angelina Jolie! He had some great tips for my acting carreer, thanks for that Jorgen! I'm in L.A. until Wednessday, 3 days Las Vegas and then I fly back to Holland. Ps., for those who recognize the last name "de Mey", yes @berrydemey (3rd at Mr Olympia) are brothers ;). #actionherobody

Leg workout with @calumvonmoger at Golds Gym Venice. Go to his Youtube channel to see it :). Side note: my first leg training since 5 weeks due to my accident at bodypower UK where my kneecap dislocated... Im glad I could do something again. Time to up tbe weights again! Thanks @iamthmpsn for filming and editing! #goldsgym #bodybuilding #thedutchgiant

With @ikecatcher and @themuscleupking πŸ’ͺ Ike is a fellow giant, 6.9ft!! The first time I met Ike was at FIBO Germany 4 years ago, first time seeing him again. He and muscleupking are training everyday at muscle beach and both have some insane moves... check their Instagrams! Was a cool experience to train at this legendary place for the day in my vacation :).

Bumped into @calumvonmoger . Really friendly guy, was nice meeting him! First day in legendary Gold's Gym Venice. Was a cool experience. It is a lot bigger than I thought with machines I wish we have in holland... I didn't fit in them but hey... hehe.

First training with @bradleymartyn at @zooculture πŸ’ͺπŸ™ˆ.
I have been in L.A. for 5 days now, but mostly in bed... as you can see in the video my leg is bandaged. The day I got on the airplane to L.A. I got bitten by an insect. My leg bleeded a little bit, nothing special... until I stepped of the airplane and I could not stand on my left leg anymore, swollen looking red and blue... Went immediatly to the hospital and have been taking 2 types of anti-biotics since then. It is slowly getting better. Bad luck with health is in my veins...πŸ˜‘

Giant problems...
On my way from Amsterdam to Zurich to L.A.!! In total it will take 15 hours so I prepped a lot of food with @musclemeatnl πŸ€—, no gains shall be lost mid air πŸ’ͺ.
The first flight is only 1.5 hours, so I dont mind being stuck, look at the second picture (swipe) lol. The amount of leg space will be better in the second flight πŸ™ˆ.

Caption this πŸ˜…

@thedutchgiant & @martynfordofficial VERSUS @erkojun
Some exciting news for myself. Next saturday I'm going to L.A. for 10 days and another 10 days Las Vegas. Hope to make some fun Instagram posts there :).

Wow, after 4 days of connecting with as many people as I could, I got invited for one of the main movies through the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2017. That was quite the experience and an honor, unbelievable.
I'm heading home today. So happy we made the last minute decision to go there and take our chances. We went there with zero invitation, zero passes etc. I have met around 70 producers at hotels, events, on the street, all coming to me being interested. Been invited to 6 different private parties, got on tbe red carpet. I'm just stunned when I look back at the last four days.

Upcoming 4 weeks will be very important. Who of those 70 are real, what are the best jobs to pick, am I going to do this fulltime or partime... a lot to think about.

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