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Allison  Saved by grace alone. Wife to Ian. Mom to Phin and Treva. Living in a tiny house. Blessed beyond measure.,317.aspx

Oh yes, it's Friday around here for sure! #happyfriday #phinehascove #nopantsnoproblems #fuzzibunz

Five years ago I didn't wake up thinking I would go on a date that night that would change my life. It happened in a casual invitation to meet up at Macado's after I closed up the coffee shop. We sat for hours talking, laughing, getting to know each other, and being so surprised that there wasn't some bomb to be dropped to make either of us run in the other direction. We probably would have shut the place down if my dad hadn't called me after midnight wondering where in the world I was. 😬 I cannot believe it has been five years of growing closer to you, @ianduncanbooks, and I have loved every minute of it. If you had told me that in five years we would be married with two kids I may have laughed in your face. Our God has accomplished the impossible in so many ways. I am so thankful for the gift of this man and our family. #blessedbeyondmeasure #dateversarry #fiveyears. #heisfaithful

So I'm not one to dread Mondays. I like the fresh start to the week. But today Monday decided to kick my butt at points. Extra fussy toddler, a finicky baby not wanting to eat well, and a flat tire at the gym - at lunch and nap time - had me losing all of the "Mom of the Year" awards this morning. I don't know what I would do in motherhood without Goldfish crackers as an emergency backup when stuck waiting on @ianduncanbooks and when making dinner tonight. Most of all I'm thankful for God's grace and forgiveness when I've blown it and don't know how I'm going to respond any better. He is so good to provide strength and rest right when we need it. So even though Monday wasn't awesome, I'm so thankful for His grace, for afternoon naps, for easy dinners, for Goldfish crackers, and for baby swings. #hegivesmoregrace #lovingthelittleyears #motherhoodissanctifying

A boy and his ice cream. I know that I'm super biased because I'm this little boy's mom, but golly is he cute!! He's getting such a personality here lately, (some of which needs taming...) and it's so much fun to watch! I am so excited for summer with him - ice cream, watermelon, pool time, the beach, and lots of outside time in general. I love him to pieces! #phinehascove #20months #lovingthelittleyears #icecreamface

I was overwhelmed today over how abundantly blessed our family is. Loading our tiny car down with our monthly grocery trip I just had to stop and thank the Lord for the abundant blessings in our family. There are times it feels overwhelming that we go through so much food already with only one child eating with us, but the Lord always provides the food to keep us strong, and it makes me thankful for the bodies that it strengthens. #thankful #blessedbeyondmeasure #abundance #monthlymealplanning #samsandkrogerloveus

This sweet girl is 2 months old today! It's been such a different experience since she was full term, so its going by WAY faster!
She loves to smile at everyone. She has started "talking" to us a little bit, especially when she's upset. She loves to nurse and has quite the pair of lungs on her. She's not loving tummy time, but loves taking baths with her brother. She is such a delight and I cannot believe she is ours! #trevawren #2months #lovingthelittleyears

I'm pretty much going to try to adopt this for everything I say, not just things about other people. Goodness, how much sin and strife would be completely avoided if I lived by this. #tamingthetongue #truth #amycharmichael

Hey ladies! So the Noonday Trunk Show I hosted a little over a week ago is still open through this week and my Amabassador (the amazing @hollycpaulette!) just told me this morning that certain items are on sale for 30% off during the rest of this week while the show is still "open" on line!! It's under the "Shop the World" sale and there are some super cute things on there. I may be adding another necklace to my order after seeing it on there. I have loved their "Dreamer Necklace" and it's a part of the sale! Go check it out through this Saturday! #linkinprofile #noondaycollection #jewelrywithapurpose #givemeallthejewelry

These two kids make being a mamma so rewarding. It doesn't make it easy all the time, but I sure wouldn't trade a thing for the honor and delight it is to be their mom. They make me laugh and smile and stare in wonder at the privilege. And then they make me cry and take deep breaths and stare in wonder at sin nature. That is the full mamma package. No pleasures without the pains, and those pleasures are absolutely out of this world! My heart is so full!! #blessedbeyondmeasure #mothersday y #motherhoodissanctifying #lovingthelittleyears #phinandtreva

I am so incredibly thankful to have such amazing uncles for our kids. I loved my brothers growing up (and of course still do!) but it is such a new delight to see them love on my kids. They love them so much and I cannot wait to see the relationship grow as they get older. Uncle Jeremy got to meet Treva for the first time and Phin always loves the music he brings with him. We were just missing Uncle Nathaniel tonight. #family #brothers #phinandtreva #blessedbeyondmeasure #lovingthelittleyears #thankful

I hope your Tuesday is as good as this bow is ridiculously huge. #trevawren #happytuesday #bigbowdontcare

I've been swooning over this Noonday catalogue that I got my hands on before the party tomorrow. I've posted pictures of the things that are my absolute favorite! I'm going to have a really hard time paring it down to just a couple of pieces!
Come tomorrow to try on and actually get your hands on some of their most popular pieces of jewelry and flip through the whole catalogue while enjoying some snacks and hanging with girlfriends for a bit! 2:30-4:00 at the tree house! You don't have to stay the whole time, just drop in for 20 minutes if you can! DM me or text me for directions to our house if you want to swing by!
Also, the link in my profile is to the online store that is linked to my show. It'll be open for at least a week after the show, so you can look on there if you're interested but can't make it tomorrow. #noondaycollection #trunkshow #linkinprofile

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