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The dUCk Group  The new cool. A lifestyle brand narrated by D. Get dUCk-ed at Pavilion KL (+603.2110.4663) or on FashionValet only.


I usually wake up early every morning but today I just lazed around in bed with Snowy and it was so nice! Lazy Saturday, here I come. But first, shower! I opened my closet and my white pristine #ducktowel were all stacked up neatly. Nothing like seeing fresh white the moment you wake up. It just gives me a sense of calm to the start of my day. More to come in this department, dUCkies! Till then, have a wonderful Saturday! - D. #duckscarves #ducktowel

Under @duckcosmetics, we've only launched 5 of these #mattedecisions babies. Can anyone name these from left to right? - D. #duckcosmetics

Woke up with a long email from a dUCkie about how our Yummy dUCk was her favourite Limited Edition dUCk of hers because of the beautiful unifying campaign. What more do I need to make my day ❤ Thank you dUCkie, you know who you are. It's one of our favourites too! Beautiful message, pretty colours AND yummy dessert - jackpot! Photo by @safrasanusi. - D. #duckscarves #theyummyduck

Who knew being a dUCkie could make you famous! You are goals, @adihazainal. Your #duckcollection reaches the ceiling literally! Know anyone else like this? 😍 - D. #duckscarves #duckcollection

A little Friday inspo for your workspace next week. Can I be honest? I'm such a stationery lover that I find it hard to start writing on my brand new notebooks! I feel like I'll ruin them 😂 Anyone else weird like me? 🙋🏻 - D. #duckstationery

Since it's a public holiday today, Hannah and Carey came over and we had a nice catch up over pizza and salad. Hannah came in her Black Olive dUCk and seeing my friends wear dUCk still makes me feel so special inside, no matter how many times I see it. Get Hannah's look, we have all 3 styles in Black Olive at #theduckstore and @fashionvaletcom online and offline. - D. #duckscarves

Have you gotten dUCk-ed today? Ballerina Square dUCk was the first to sell out this morning and the others are running low too. Hurry and get your square fix before they disappear again. Available at #theduckstore, @fashionvaletcom online, @fashionvaletbangsar and @fashionvaletpavilion. - D. #duckscarves

Remember our first ever inspiration? Thank you dearest @aeriussa for taking us down memory lane recently. We love you! - D. #duckscarves #ducktravels

Good morning, dUCkies! All 3 styles are up for our Satin Silk range. If you're a fan of square scarves, they have launched today on @fashionvaletcom! Stores open at 10am so come by to #theduckstore or @fashionvaletbangsar @fashionvaletpavilion for these babies too! - D. #duckscarves

Menu time! Kicking off your long weekend with an array of delicious colours for one of our best-selling collections, the Satin Silk dUCks! With a new softer material, these new dUCks are light and silky and drapes beautifully, much like our first ever batch of Satin Silk dUCks 😍⠀⠀
They will be available TOMORROW at:⠀⠀
1) #theduckstore in Pavilion⠀⠀
2) @fashionvaletpavilion⠀⠀
3) @fashionvaletbangsar⠀⠀
4) @fashionvaletcom online⠀⠀
Happy getting dUCk-ed! Who's getting the Square dUCks tomorrow? 🙋🏻 - D. #duckscarves #scarves #dsmenu

I hope you're ready to welcome more of this beautiful purple box in your homes, dUCkies. Menu coming up next! - D. #duckscarves #scarves

I know now, why a lot of you love square scarves so much. They're so easy to wear and they make you look effortlessly chic too 😍 Pairing our Black Olive Satin Silk Square dUCk with a denim shirt, @vivyyusof looks uber stylish! How do you normally wear your square scarves, dUCkies? - D. #duckscarves #scarves

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