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The dUCk Group  The new cool. A lifestyle brand narrated by D. Get dUCk-ed at Pavilion KL (+603.2110.4663) or online at

It's not everyday that you'll get Her Royal Highness Sarah writing to you. I love her words, so beautiful and intelligent, just like her. This is one of those dUCk notes that you must keep forever, dUCkies! Only from your Royal dUCk ❤ - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theroyalduck @srdesign.brunei

All of the Royal dUCks that were preordered were shipped out last week. If you haven't gotten yours please do email to find out the status of the parcel. Hope you get royally dUCk-ed soon! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theroyalduck

Front page in Utusan Malaysia newspaper! Her Royal Highness Sarah of Brunei looks absolutely regal in her Royal dUCk. For our dUCkies who don't converse in Malay, the headline says YOU SHOULD GET YOURS ASAP. 🙊 - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theroyalduck @srdesign.brunei

Royal dUCk fever! I saw a couple of gorgeous ladies wearing their Royal dUCk yesterday and butterflies in my stomach ohhh just can't explain. Yay for womanhood together! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theroyalduck @srdesign.brunei

Our dearest @bitsofclassy totally put her books on the sidelines to make way for her dUCk boxes. Sorry books, lol, but dUCks will share the space don't worry. I hope you made space for your Royal dUCks in there. Can't wait to see your ootds, dUCkies! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theroyalduck #duckcollection #ducktower

Before you sleep tonight, don't forget to click online to get your dUCk Snowcap inners. Made in neutral shades, they're the heroes that make your dUCk shine throughout the day. Get them on @fashionvaletcom! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #scarfinner

The colours on this! I love anything white based so just a pop of this blue and some flowers... ah picture perfect indeed. Looking sunny beautiful there in your dUCk, @eqnnrsln! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #ducktravels

So happy to see some of you posting photos up already! Don't forget to walk tall with your Royal dUCks. For not only is it the Royal collaboration no one has seen before, but it has an incredible message to all women to unite. Which one is your favourite? - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theroyalduck

Looking out to the world from the Walls of Dubrovnik, @wanellenanadia chose to take her dUCk on her adventures. I've never been here but seeing dUCkies share their photos makes me feel like I'm there too! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #ducktravels

All SIX colours of our snowcaps are up online on @fashionvaletcom and also at #theduckstore and FV outlets. Scroll down on our brand page to see the other colours like army green and dark grey too! Can you imagine them neatly packed like this for your next #ducktravels?😍 - D. #duckscarves #scarfinner #scarves #hijab

And here they are, my unsung heroes! They may not be visible from the outside but my dUCk inners truly are the secret to my good hijab days, especially my trusty snowcaps ❤️ They will be available tomorrow at:
1) #theduckstore in Pavilion
2) @fashionvaletpavilion
3) @fashionvaletbangsar
4) @fashionvaletsg
5) @fashionvaletcom online
Don't forget to get yours tomorrow because you know what they say, it's the inside that matters most! Which colour will you get, dUCkies? - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #duckinner #dsmenu

I'm so happy many of you said Snowcaps for your favourite dUCk inner! So the next question is... which colour? - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #duckinner

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