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The dUCk Group  The new cool. A lifestyle brand narrated by D. Get dUCk-ed at Pavilion KL (+603.2110.4663) or online at

The only menu for tonight, dUCkies! Whichever colour you pick, this dUCk is one that you should always don with pride wherever you go, especially on your #ducktravels! After all, home is where the heart is ❀ These dUCks will be available at:
1) #theduckstore in Pavilion
2) @fashionvaletpavilion (please note that should there be a queue prior to the store opening hours, there will have to be 2 queues at the Main Entrance of Pavilion KL on Level 3 – one for #theduckstore, another for FV Pavilion. Cards will be given out to everyone lining up, and the limit of one piece per colour per person will still be imposed. If there are no queues, there will be no cards given)
3) @fashionvaletbangsar
4) @fashionvaletsg
5) @fashionvaletcom online (please do not stay up, they will not launch in the middle of the night).
Either you get one or all 4, I hope you get dUCk-ed tomorrow! - D. #ducktravels #scarves #hijab #theklduck #dsmenu

The Swarovski KL dUCk will always be the pinnacle of our KL dUCk collection. A tribute to The National Gift at the Miss Universe International pageant, the Swarovski KL dUCk made in conjunction with Swarovski themselves, is a blinged up limited edition dUCk that will remain special and will no longer be produced. In Love, Vivy, @vivyyusof didn't mention that pink is EXCLUSIVE or ONLY for The National Gift, which some has wrongly claimed in earlier comments. That episode also aired weeks after the Swarovski dUCks have sold out so it could not have affected the outcome. I think there is a misunderstanding here because I have always maintained that the special part is the collaboration also with @swarovski and how difficult it is to make this 200-crystal dUCk. This was shown in all my previous posts. Even the hashtag is as such to show that. A Limited Edition for the fact that it is embellished with certified Swarovski crystals and its brand seal, with only a few hundred made in the world, it will forever be special and unmatched.
In this new addition, the pink KL dUCk has no Swarovski crystals and the box is neither embossed nor blinged out. It will be a part of the KL dUCk series to join the other colours. Hope this clarifies any confusion. Menu next, dUCkies! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck

[Please read next post for clarification to some of your comments] Some of you guessed it right – the latest addition to the KL dUCk collection is the gorgeous Pink! A few months back, we launched the Swarovski KL dUCk in all its glory as the National Gift of Malaysia, now residing in each country that participated in the Miss Universe pageant. Proud is an understatement for all us dUCkies when we see the glistening crystals adorning it. Nothing can match the beauty of the Swarovski KL dUCk, and we want to show our pride by releasing an understated version that you can wear everyday. For the minimalist dUCkies, this one is for you! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck

I love how dUCkies are taking along a piece of home everywhere they go. It fills my heart when I see pictures of the KL dUCk in different countries because you should always be proud of where you come from, just like @aneessofea_'s picture here on the Brooklyn Bridge! Well guess what... I'll be revealing the new KL colour in my next post – wait for it! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck #ducktravels

We've got Cream, Ash Blue and Maroon KL dUCks launching tomorrow. But wait.... there is another colour! What can it be? πŸ˜‰ - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck

I hope you've been enjoying your long weekend like @dan_nea, because it all ends tomorrow! But don't be too sad because at least you have KL dUCk launch to look forward to ;) Menu tonight! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck

Are you ready for the restock of the KL dUCks, lovelies? One of the colours you'll be seeing is the stunning Maroon KL dUCk. Now this is what I call bold and beautiful! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #theklduck

Look at my @vivyyusof wearing a dUCk as a turban on the cover of @herworldmy. I always get excited when I see dUCk on the cover of newspapers and magazines! Something is about to happen with @vivyyusof tomorrow... can't wait for her to tell you! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab

I've had so many invitations to baby showers and birthday parties lately, and don't tell Mom but weddings too! *facepalm* Oh well, at least I don't come empty handed. A dUCk greeting card is a sure way of telling them you care! - D. #duckscarves #duckstationery #duckcards

Aren't public holidays just the best thing? I'm having an easy day at home – no Monday blues for me, just this (ash) blue KL dUCk on @aliaishk here looking as beautiful as ever 😍 what are you doing on your off day, dUCkies? - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab

Careful not to fall with your #ducktower! What a way to start the long weekend today - a visit to #theduckstore. Brunch with the family after, perhaps? Life is to be enjoyed 😍 Cute photo by our @ellisyaedith. - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #ducktower #duckcollection #theduckstore

Ending my night with a view of dUCkie @adlinaarrif in Uluwatu. Ahhh the sound of the waves must be so peaceful and I'll be dreaming of a beach holiday as I sleep tonight! The closest to the real thing, lol. Good night, dUCkies! - D. #duckscarves #scarves #hijab #ducktravels #travel #uluwatu

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