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Discoverer @travel_wheretonext in Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland.
"Pulled my van over and ate some lunch while admiring this view on one of my first days in Iceland. This is the exact moment I knew this trip would be epic."

Discoverer @enchanted.forest in Emerald Lake, Canada. How many of you travel with your pets? #thediscoverer

Discoverer @gabrielahereandthere in Petra, Jordan.
"The ancient city of Petra in Jordan is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. A visit to Petra is not complete if don't hike to this viewpoint from where you can get the best view of the most famous monument, Treasury. I was waiting at the gate at 6 am to start the hike and get this view without any people in it."

Discoverer @borderjunkie in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
"I've traveled extensively throughout the world, and seen many incredible mosques, but nothing compares to grandeur of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It's a place you've gotta see to believe."

Discoverer @traveljunkiejulz in Mandalay, Myanmar.
"On our private tour through the ancient capitals of Mandalay guided by our new friend Soe Soe, a nice local Burmes man, we found this beautiful and peaceful hidden place in Inwa. Inwa used to be the capital of Myanmar, so it is rich in history. We have seen lots of stunning monasteries and pagodas during the trip, but this has been my favorite place so far. Much of the former royal city has been reclaimed by mother nature and the leftover of the Yadana Hsimi Pagoda is a little tumbledown roofless collection of several stupas and Buddhas. But this made this place even more beautiful and mystic." #thediscoverer

Discoverer @jinchuferrer in Las Coloradas, Mexico.
"Nothing like speeding across the Yucatan to get to pink flamingos and pink waters. With a broken speedometer. So worth it."

Discoverer @taylormichaelburk in British Columbia, Canada.
"This was from a heli trip into the coast mountains of BC. We brought our foldable orukayak with us and explored the meltawer 'highways' along the edge of the glacier lake." #thediscoverer

Discoverer @alexandredeschamps in Hampi, India.
"Travelling to Hampi is a trip back in time. There are more than 400 ancient temples lost in the jungle and the rock mountains. By venturing in the ruins, you quickly feel like Mowgly discovering the Monkey Temple." #thediscoverer

Discoverer @_walkcatwalk_ in Besseggen, Norway.
"The Besseggen Ridge in Norway was one of the most thrilling hikes I've ever made. We started this 7 hour hike at 3 p.m in order to catch the sunset light, and enjoyed a view that left me speechless and humble. We even met reindeers on the road."

Discoverer @hudson_v in Muscat, Oman. Read more about this Caribbean corner of the Middle East in The Discoverer. Sign up with the link in our bio. #thediscoverer

Discover Muscat, Oman, the crown of the Arabian Peninsula. Read more in this week's edition of The Discoverer! Subscribe with the link in bio. #thediscoverer

Discoverer @rachstewartnz in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand.
"There's a reason why places like this are harder to get to ... the reward"

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