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Discover Jaipur, Rajasthan, India in this week's edition of The Discoverer. If you didn't receive your copy, sign up for free at thediscoverer.com. What was your favorite discovery from Jaipur? Comment below! #thediscoverer

Discover Jaipur, Rajasthan, India with @veeceecheng.
Welcome to Rajasthan's beautifully vibrant city, Jaipur. Known as the 'Pink City', due to the color of the stone used exclusively in the walled capital, Jaipur is bursting with color and rich culture. The city’s colorful and chaotic streets are alive with a mixture of old and new. Careering buses dodge camels and leisurely cycle-rickshaws frustrate swarms of motorbikes. In the midst of this mayhem, the splendors of Jaipur’s majestic past are islands of relative calm recalling a different pace and another world. Read more about Jaipur, Rajasthan, India in this week's edition of The Discoverer! #thediscoverer

Discover Wegelnburg in Schönau, Germany with @giuliogroebert.
The Wegelnburg is a ruined castle near Schönau, Germany, near the border with France. Wegelnburg was founded by the Hohenstaufens in the 12th or 13th century. It had to protect the border of the Hohenstaufens’ territory. In 1272 the castle was destroyed because the castellan had committed a breach of the peace. The von Wegelnburg family rebuilt the castle. It now stands as a beautiful ruin that peaks out of the tree tops of the Palatinate Forest. #thediscoverer

Discoverer @thewonderingdreamer in Granada, Nicaragua.
Granada is filled to the brim with photogenic elegance, a picture postcard at every turn. It’s no wonder many travelers use the city as a base, spending at least a day bopping along cobblestone roads from church to church in the city center, then venturing out into the countryside for trips to nearby attractions. #thediscoverer

Discoverer @mylifesatravelmovie in Easter Island, Chile.
Few areas in the world possess a more mysterious pull than this tiny speck of land, one of the most isolated places on Earth. It's hard to feel connected to Chile let alone the wider world. Endowed with the most logic-defying statues in the world – the strikingly familiar moai emanates a magnetic, mystical vibe. #thediscoverer

Discoverer @nina.krupa in Bangkok, Thailand.
"Found some stunning architecture at the Wat Pho Temple. By the way, Wat Pho is often considered the leading school of massage in Thailand, so you're really in good hands here." #thediscoverer

Discoverer @vincelimphoto with @jessicafang in Oahu, Hawaii.
"I took @jessicafang to one of my favorite hikes on Oahu. The last time we were here I proposed to her and she said Yes, so we were trying to relive the moment. It had been raining all day but we took our chances and had an incredible sunset. The best part was that we had it all to ourselves." #thediscoverer

Discoverer @gabdetails in the Reggia Di Venaria, Venaria, Italy.
Commissioned as a base for this princely pastime, by Charles Emmanuel II in the middle of the XVII century, the royal residence is now included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The monumental building – the palace is approximately 110,000 square meters, surrounded by gardens and parks – is a wonder of Baroque architecture, which masters such as Amedeo di Castellamonte and Filippo Juvarra contributed to design. #thediscoverer

Discover Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada with @stevint.
"A photo that I will probably re-share yearly for the lifetime of me. A special moment with a truly once in a life time experience. I remember always driving by this place seeing the deep blue of the glacier. Every year brought me back with curiosity on how the glacier changed." #thediscoverer

Discoverer @jordhammond in Alpe Di Siusi, Dolomites, Italy. "Alpe Di Siusi has always been high on my list of places to visit in Italy, and sitting on the grass with friends watching the sun light up the rolling hills and mountains below topped off our Italy trip." Read more about the world's most unique destinations every week in The Discoverer. Sign up for free at thediscoverer.com. #thediscoverer

Discover The Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA with @heykelseyj and @karl_shakur.
Valley of Fire is located in the Mojave Desert and covers an area of over 35,000 acres. This state park gets its name from the intense and magnificent scarlet sandstone formations. These brilliant sandstone formations can appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun’s rays. #thediscoverer

Discoverer @robertmichaelpoole in Madagascar.
"Walking in the land of upside down trees in western Madagascar at the Avenue of the Baobabs. Be sure to wait until sunset and step away from the avenue to watch the colors break through and create the silhouettes!" #thediscoverer

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