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mike moses  artist/tattooer/owner of CAULDRON, Columbus OH Callie. Ellie. @BLKTRI @cauldron_tattoo email:

things are tough all over... and they're very likely to only get worse, as is the trend. if you've got a moment -and if you're reading this I'll assume that you do- take that moment and contribute to a team of people that are really helping. check some recent headlines about Greenpeace, and if you have just one single dollar to spare they will absolutely put it to good use, as they have been for many, many years. thank you all in advance! (for the record, I would never make the suggestion that any of you donate to an organization I don't support or haven't donated to myself. these are the good guys.) #greenpeace #giveback #climatechangeisreal #savetheepa (as for the photo, I found these little guys on my way to work this morning... and only served to further reinforce my commitment to riding my bike to work as often as possible on the incredible Metropolitan Columbus bike path.)

got a healed photo of this healed Roy Batty piece from a few years ago... 2014? super fun... I love blade runner. MOAR. mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO #bladerunner

ESCAPE. one shot/one kill on good ol' Ross from NYC. always a blast buddy, get back safely, and don't take any shit! mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO #escapefromnewyork #notmypresident

ESCAPE. sketch for today's portrait. mike moses #thedrowntown #mikemoses #CAULDRONTATTOO

CAPRICORN. second session on my good friend Ryan's thigh piece... love it. if you come to visit @cauldron_tattoo and happen to die in a freak electrical fire... he's the guy to blame. (but seriously we appreciate all his hard work on the joint.) ⚡️ mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO

session one down on my buddy Goldy's new sleeve. he sat like a champ, not even a snivel. bet'yer hurtin' today pal! more to come. mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO

ok one more. but really, after not drawing but once or twice for almost two months while I focused entirely on CAULDRON (@cauldron_tattoo) coming back is a monumental task. I found myself skimming my most recent sketchbook, which is normally an invaluable object to me, and feeling something close to disappointment. eyes so fresh that I no longer recognized my work as mine... it's time to step things up. stick around. mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO

sketchin for my buddy Goldy's sleeve tomorrow. more to come on this. mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO

ZEUS VS. HYDRA. second session on Andrew of Northern VA for this sleeve we started just before my longer-than-anticipated winter break! stoked to get back to it and power through some heavy black. more to come! mike moses #mikemoses #thedrowntown #CAULDRONTATTOO

one more session to go on Ashley's arm! thanks for making the trip from Richmond, VA once again, always good to see you lady! mike moses #CAULDRONTATTOO #mikemoses #thedrowntown

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