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mike moses  artist/tattooer/owner of CAULDRON, Columbus OH Callie. Ellie. @BLKTRI @cauldron_tattoo info.thedrowntown@gmail.com #NOHOMEFORHATE *WAITLIST CLOSED*


TOADIE. did this sweet toad friend on mah friend chris as well today... in one of his few remaining empty spots above the elbow. what's it gonna be next man?? you're losing ground! this was a lot of fun as its one of the very few small tattoos I've done in awhile. so much fun to just knock something out that took all of what... an hour? tight. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» mike moses www.thedrowntown.com www.cauldrontattoo.com

finished up this little Evil Dead / Army of Darkness vibe gap filler on my bud @threezerofour today, affectionately dubbed Zipper Teeth... the tattoo, not Chris. That would be fucked up, c'mon man! mike moses www.thedrowntown.com www.cauldrontattoo.com

progress on Audra's sea monster leg sleeve! believe it or not... more lines to come!!!?!?!?? mike moses www.thedrowntown.com www.cauldrontattoo.com

got some toning done on my buddy @aarontattooist 's sleeve today! them bunnies are coming to life... and they're in trouble! mike moses www.thedrowntown.com www.cauldrontattoo.com

more work crushed on Chandler's sleeve today of a thunder dragon and ice golem! just a session of tightening things up left to go... and then the shoulder joints... stay tuned! good to see you, as always, buddy! thanks for the neat rocks!!! mike moses www.thedrowntown.com www.cauldrontattoo.com

my first day back from winter "break" (constructing a recording studio in the same building for three weeks) started today with beasts on Beast action (her first tattoo, it's huge, and she hasn't complained once). round two today involved the second coat on the rabbit portion of @bethcavener 's "THE QUESTION THAT DEVOURS" piece, and the first pass on the head of the wolf. more to come, stoked to be back, and super stoked on this mega fun piece! Thanks Christa! mike moses www.thedrowntown.com www.cauldrontattoo.com

yah I know. I haven't posted drawings or tattoos in like a month but that's because I've been TCB of another sort: building the recording studio for BLKTRI at its new location beneath CAULDRON. I've had a lot of help from my good friends @ismyname_ok (Mr. Vaquez/general contractor badass), his brother Sebastian (who helped us carry in a shitload of drywall and then down into the basement), @shogunshuy (Mr. Shumaker/electrician extraordinaire) and Matt, who helped me move some HVAC shit around and really tighten things up. You guys have been so helpful and so great to be around and share the ongoing experience with. Much love to you both! we shall continue to crush this thing!! we're about 70% done at this point... we've got this! πŸ”₯✌🏻️πŸ”₯ NEXT WEEK: back to business as usual. I haven't answered email in months, so if you've been waiting I'll be back on that today forward. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in what looks like it's going to be a very positive year! LET'S WORK.

many thanks to @sarah_skindeep and of course @mrsionsmith for putting together such a quality magazine and thinking to include me in the latest issue of @skindeep_uk You guys are the best! (and thanks AGAIN to Sarah for even marking my work with a sticky tab and sending me a complimentary copy to begin with haha! so thoughtful!) Happy New Years you guys!

had an awesome date with my lady today... ❀️@dichotomie (if you have time... GO. you won't regret it) #mucha #muchaexhibition

HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL! best to everyone out there whatever and however they celebrate. be good to one another... and perhaps put down the phone/tablet, buy a regular camera, and enjoy life for the next couple days. love to you all! ✨✌🏻️

show respect. be respected. put your clients' comfort first. πŸ™πŸ» **addendum- make EVERYONE'S comfort a priority while you're at it.**

little detail shot in progress on Jason's forearm portion of his sleeve which is mega fun. mike moses www.thedrowntown.com

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