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I still do this art stuff lol. I decided to test out some more digital. Damn colors are so different on my computer. I'll be back posting a lot soon though

Did this little quick thing for hitting 700 followers. The drawing is nothing special but thank you! Was going to do something bigger but I'm lazy so yeah..... Lol

"They say I'm Evil" 💀 just playing around sketching shit.

We got the shoutout feature by my boy @f.u.e.g.o_s.e.n.p.a.i_ so go follow to see the rules. What I like about Ruta. 1 that armor/belt over the clothes is dope af & 2 i like that he's not like every other Saiyan oc. Meaning he's not this big buff dude that everyone always choose to make their oc. Very different & unique.

Some more off top. I was just thinking about using this for one of the upcoming episode but i have something better in mind. I'ma be weeks late on this but who cares lol. @so_artzy probably gonna hate me for moving to another drawing again lol.

Still practicing with this graphics tablet, Trying to find ah good way to ink.

Another little teaser of what's to come. Design sheets. Then the actual drawing concepts. Another reminder the blue is just for the very rough pencil sketch before i add the black pencil.

Been up all night with my cousins funeral on my mind. Need to get some sleep gotta be there at 11:00. I'll actually clean and actually finish the real concept I'm going for once i get back from that. But still learning this graphics tablet lol

Almost forgot his hair his blue & black

Another WIP. Feels like I'm getting the hand of this graphics tablet. The blue and black line are both rough sketches btw.

What i was doing earlier. The blue is for the quick sketch and it helps the colors not clash when i go and add the real details. I'm still trying to get the hang of this graphics tablet.

Still testing this digital stuff out. Let see if I remember Merged Zamasu enough to draw him off top.

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