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Dolly D Tattooed Model  Dolly D πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ in πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί #model #unicorn Snap: dolly-d @floki_the_huskydoggo @wanderingmoonchild NO OTHER INSTA bookings to

Ill be recreating this look SYDNEY TIME WEDNESDAY MIDDAY on @myfreecams (Without the scare factor) join me! Username dollydsuicide.
Ill also be taking snaps for snapchat so join right now via the link in my bio :) #croft #laracroft #inked #sg #cosplay

What an amazing 4 days ive had. Im dropping this spring in LA set RIGHT NOW on patreon. AND ill be on @myfreecams at midday syndey time. Also adding a couple previews on snap. Join by swiping up in my stories or follow the link on my profile page to get involved.
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Im at sexpo sydney right now and back on sunday come say hey.
Heres a shot i took of me loving life in bali at @jungleroombali
#shampoocommercial #bali #inked #jungle

When bae says they got caramel salted doughnuts for dinner.
Photo by @jj_velasquez_photo
#la #model #inked #doughnuts

Major throwback to shooting with @caustix_
For those who missed it this is the second set on this months patreon. Previews will also be on the snapchat too. Thats over 70 images this month for all my patrons. Click the link in bio OR dm me if youd like to do an amazon gift voucher instead.
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I never upload any day outfits on here! Did you know i dress like a tomboy 70% of the time?
20% boho
10% undies
Hair @stevieenglishhair
Jacket @siksilkwomens
Pants @nftpclothing

Hair dreams come to life at @stevieenglishhair
I used to get teased in school for my big eyes. Fog lights, bug eyed freak and jigglypuff were amongst the favourites. I used to hate the way i looked and wished i looked like the other girls. I didnt want to look like an alien. I wanted to blend in and fit in. Now...i wouldnt have it any other way. 😎
Join my patreon to see more uncensored content on snap or dropbox or grab yourself some polaroids :) -link is on my profile
#peach #inked #freak

As soon as im home out of the rain and traffic ill be going live on @camsoda - ive been set up with an amazing cam and super awesome internet so itll be non stop entertainment! :) see you there!
Photo by @frankndame

The preview of this months dropbox has landed! Join for the private and cheeky snap AND/OR the dropbox of over 40 images!
Thanks @jessicalousg for taking these πŸ€—πŸ˜ i miss ya.

I look back at who i was and how ive acted and repsonded to situations in the last 18 months and all i can see now is how far ive come. From partying every weekend without fail and making bad decisions for my health, damaging my mental health and my emotional well being. I refused help and stopped progressing in everything i love; modelling, creating art pieces and photography. I got caught with people who never gave me the chance to be their friend let alone myself and now i realise how i am solely responsible for that. Ive had incredible people surrounding me for years and just never opened my eyes or heart to their wonderful souls. I was too bust trying to please everybody else and try and be someone i wasnt.
I have always been in charge and in power of the decisions im making. Addictions and toxic environments will often take over and cloud your judgement and your even your self worth.
Ive remembered who the fuck i am and what i stand for and although i have 'bad' days i am creating a life i dont need a holiday from. A healthier, more creative and more loving environment.
Im so happy ive had this online community and the SG community to help me through the worst mental health period of my life. Thank you for all your love and your kind words.
I cant wait for you all to watch this pixie continue to grow and transform.

#mentalhealth #power

My @suicidegirls goodies are sooooo comfy and perfect for winter.
Im not going to lie...i miss the sun and its warmth so much ha!

My hair by @stevieenglishhair
And extensions @showponyhairextensions for those asking :) #inked #selfie #model #dollydiamond

Can you guess who i roleplayed with @sunniesunshine set coming out later this year in this bts?
I loved Shooting with this chick so much. She's encouraging and friendly, she just communicates irl and online in a way that i feel so comfortable and so happy to have met her.
What a great feeling from being a @suicidegirls
#cheerleader #photoshoot #inked

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