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Dolly D Tattooed Model  Dolly D suicide Currently: Sydney Model and @stevieenglish does my hair! Snap: dolly-d Dog: @floki_the_huskydoggo bookings to dollydiamond@live.co.uk


Arriving at your pad like 😏 - yeah I wish this was a party I went to last year 😂

😊👑🌼 unfortunately today I’m sick, so I’ll spend the day painting (which is awesome) how did or are you guys spending your day?

Flash. Taken with @jacksonchristopherheeley who is still on tour so go shoot with him :) fun fact: white is my favourite colour for lingerie, what’s yours?

Blonde bob cut and coloured by @stevieenglishhair

Another behind the scenes of yesterday’s adventures with @gavincreative and I had such a great time!

I shot with @jacksonchristopherheeley and it was a great morning, caught up on college work after and then shot again with different team in the arvo. I am so excited to share these with you! Also @jacksonchristopherheeley is in Melbourne and Brisbane and has some free slots so get in touch if you want some dope photos of yourself :)

The first time I have ever worn a catsuit/jumpsuit that’s skin tight. And I felt great last night. So many beautiful girls came over and complimented me and it made me realise that I’ve spent too long worried about lumps and bumps, when instead I should’ve just been wearing what I want and feeling good.

Always keep friends who give you a helping hand when you need it the most 😂😜 throwback jan ‘16 with @shotbyash when I’m at my weirdest I’m at my happiest.

Ya girl got greasy hair.
What colours have you guys dyed your hair? Had any disasters?
By the way you guys Continue to message me about the chop and dye job - its @stevieenglishhair in Glebe and they’re dope. They all look after me so good and I’m always in love with they’re work. This isn’t sponsored. They don’t even ask me to promote them on social media. I just genuinely love the salon and its staff! Haha.

Another throwback to a very hot Sydney day when I was incredibly tanned. What's the weather like where you are?
Tip of the day for those like me who may be need a push for a spring in ya step: leave post it notes around the house to remind you to do your simple tasks! Places like the fridge or the mirror where you brush your teeth! It really helps me and maybe it will help you too.

I wish I still looked like this. jeeeeeeeez! I was very happy, healthy, (a little thin for me) and mentally stable. My life was simple and I had the best weekend. This was nearly two years ago. Looking back at this video gives me hope I step by step get my mojo, my flare, my passion and my flow back. WOOOOO!!!!

@floki_the_huskydoggo ❤️So if after tomorrow I can't find a store who will back up my failed iTunes and iCloud and USB my photos I'll be starting from scratch and wiping my phone ( my trip to LA, my birthday, my partners bday, the first photos of our dog ever taken all gone) So here's a happy memory from one photo that survived. Time for big things to be happening. Today I went to the doctors and was given a prescription after a long term plan was planned out and I have to check in next week to discuss further progress. I sat in the waiting room almost crying and shaking. I wanted To go home and cuddle my dog. Instead I faced my demon named anxiety and on my path hopefully to recovery. Quite fitting it's mental health day. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support. I hope one day I can return the favour. Thank you, friends.

Last night I hit rock bottom. I've been telling others I need a push to help myself, because mental health issues are real. This girl helped me logically come up with a plan of action. I choose to sit on the sunny side of the pavement, I choose to see how much I am loved. The truth is some of my friends find it embarrassing I'm broadcasting to the world that I'm drowning. I'm not handling the storm inside my head and it's taking over, no matter how hard I'm trying to fight it, and I'm losing. But you know what this girl told me? I have a 100% success rate of getting through my bad days. Isn't that amazing? And I just hope I can keep on this journey and keep my straight A record. Have a great week friends and for gods sake ask for help when you need it. The people who truly love you will help you x

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