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Luca, Italian Greyhound (10 y/o), 12th & 8th Ave., New York, NY • “She’s independent thinking, so she’ll curl up in a ball under the covers but not on our laps.”

Waffle & Kate, Bernese Mountain Dog (4 y/o), Norwich, VT • An excerpt from Kate’s story, “How Waffle Saved My Life”, on “My love for dogs grew during this dark period of my life, and whether it was a dog on the street who offered a wagging tail, a therapy dog in the psychiatric ward who offered a paw when I was hospitalized, or a treasured session of lying on the floor with Sophie hugging me at home, dogs were my sanctuary and salvation. They were the only ones who didn’t have an opinion on what I “should” be doing to better myself, who didn’t stigmatize or judge me and who didn’t have a problem with endless days in bed or hours on the floor weeping in confusion.” - Continue reading Kate’s story at the link in bio

Lola, Miniature Schnauzer (9 y/o), 22nd & Broadway, New York, NY • “She’s so fresh – she has a mouth on her. When I try to pet another dog she’s like, ‘That’s my hand. My attention.’”

Tozai, “Who knows” mix (2 y/o), 22nd & Broadway, New York, NY • “He’s a scrappy boy.”

Oscar, Miniature Bernedoodle (2 m/o), Father Demo Square, New York, NY • “He loves biting shoes and destroying our carpet.” @oscardoodledood

Bertie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi (2 y/o), Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY • “He’s quite the personality. If I come home late he judges me. I had a bad breakup and just went to the pet store. I needed something to give the unrequited love to.”

Emmy, Shih Tzu (1 y/o), 17th & Irving Pl., New York, NY • “She has a terrible habit of eating her poop. I turn my back for two seconds and it’s gone. I have to put my foot out every time to block her while I pick it up.”

Victor, Paul, Koda, & Sonny – Search dogs at @searchdogfoundation, Santa Paula, CA • “They’re trained to find people trapped alive in the wreckage following disasters – earthquakes, building collapse, mudslides, etc. The program was developed after the the Oklahoma City bombing due to a severe shortage of Canine Disaster Search Teams in the country. SDF gained recognition after the World Trade Center disaster, when 13 SDF teams were deployed to search the rubble of Ground Zero.” - “They’re trained on live find versus HRD (Human Remains Detection) – they locate and indicate with a bark alert on inaccessible live human scent. They’re ‘air scenters’ (not tracking dogs) and have a remarkable sense of smell. When a person walks into a building, they can tell that someone is cooking soup – the dog can tell which ingredients are in the soup. We teach them bark equals toy. They think the person hiding has their toy, so they bark at them until they give them their toy. A majority of our dogs are from shelters and often were on the euthanasia list – Labs, Shepherds, Malinois, Pointers, Border Collies – rescue dogs that have high drive, are fearless, and bold. If you leave them in the house they’ll be an interior decorator or a landscape architect. Even if they don’t make it through our program, they’ll never end up in a shelter again. The Haiti Task Force helped bring 13 people to safety, but it’s not usually some ‘Hollywood hero ending’, it’s about knowing that nobody is left behind alive. It helps people’s families with closure. It also brings a morale boost to the crews themselves. They do a lot more than just search.” Follow the link in our bio to learn more and watch a video of them working.

Violet, Silver Lab (2 y/o), 72nd & Columbus Ave., New York, NY • “She’s still a puppy.”

Jake & Ben, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (9 & 10 y/o), Riverside Park, New York, NY • “They’re both failed show dogs because they’re ‘not perfect’. Jake was sent back first – his markings were too prominent and his elbows too short. Ben was sent as his replacement but was given up too. Jake was born the day before my dad died – we’re all meant to be together.”

Cocker, Standard Poodle (4 m/o), Riverside Park, New York, NY • “He’ll look at you if you hold the stick.”

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