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Stormy, Australian Shepherd (5 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “He’s cuter on the inside than he is on the outside.” A rescue from @australianshepherdsfurever

Bigi, Belgian Malinois (14 m/o), Worth & West Broadway, New York, NY • “He jumps on people.”

Hugo, Flat-Coated Retriever (6 m/o), Prince & Crosby St., New York, NY • “He eats all our toilet paper.”

Noah, mix (“3 to 8” y/o), Cooper Square, New York, NY • “He’s from Dallas and had 6-8 fosters before he met me. I was too big of a softy to give him back. He hates men and likes broccoli. He’s very weird and dramatic. He’s allergic to everything, but his best feature is his broken ear. We once met Paris Hilton with her chihuahua.” A rescue from @secondchancerescuenyc

Julius, Pomsky (1 y/o), Prince & Thompson St., New York, NY • “Ball is life.” @julius_pomsky

Tiger, Golden Retriever (2 y/o), 6th & Houston St., New York, NY • “His favorite place to sleep is curled around the toilet like a college student. His best life accomplishment is fitting two balls in his mouth at the same time.” @tiger_the_golden

Gigi, Pit Bull/Jack Russell Terrier mix (1 y/o), Playa Ocean Park, San Juan, PR • “She was found by electrical linemen after the hurricane. She had no hair – she looked like a swollen pig.”

Charlie & Basher Beckles, “Sato” mix & Jack Russell Terrier (2 & 14 y/o), Playa Ocean Park, San Juan, PR • “I got Charlie on July 4th, but an independent dog she is not – she’s velcroed to me at all times. Basher likes swimming pools and being naked at all times. He hates wearing collars and Christmas sweaters.” (Puppy photo courtesy of owner)

Rex, Basset Hound (5 y/o), Las Piedras, PR • "He was abandoned in a house living in his own excrement. A real mess. We gave him a bath and food and here we are – vet day."

Toby, "Sato" mix (1 y/o), El Morro, San Juan, PR • "Another family left him after Hurricane Maria and we adopted him."

Milo, Golden Retriever (2 y/o), El Morro, San Juan, PR • “He’s nice in public, but at home he’s a very bad boy. He chases the geese and tries to hump the sheep.”

Jaeger, Labrador Retriever (2 y/o), Plaza de Armas, San Juan, PR • “He plays with the ball 100 times a day.”

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