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The Dogist  A photo-documentary series about the beauty of dogs. Author of the NYT Bestseller, THE DOGIST, available now, and PUPPIES, available for pre-order:

Theo, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier (5 y/o), Boul St-Laurent, Montreal, QC, CAN • "He once saved a woman from being raped – we were 400 feet away and he ran because he heard screams. He pushed him over and waited with the woman while we waited for the police. He's a superhero. He's a tank without a turret."

Raven, Siberian Husky (3 y/o), Avenue du Mont-Royal O & Rue Saint-Urbain, Montreal, QC, CAN • "We found him in the woods in Pennington, BC five days ago. He had fleas and some other dog bit him on the arm – some guy just left him there. He was a good dog the whole way back."

Fanny, Cocker Spaniel (2 y/o), Parc des Amériques, Montreal, QC, CAN • "Beautiful, right?"

Dexter, Shepherd mix (2 y/o), Totoredaca Dog Park, Mississauga, ON, CAN • "He loves our cat, but he doesn't let her go outside. He runs after her and chases her back in."

Bear, Border Collie mix (1 y/o), Totoredaca Dog Park, Mississauga, ON, CAN • "He's obsessed with water. He digs in his water bowl."

Murphy, Labrador Retriever (1 y/o), Totoredaca Dog Park, Mississauga, ON, CAN • "He loves the snuggles like you wouldn't believe."

Bruiser, Boxer (3 y/o), Queen Street W, Toronto, ON, CAN • "She gets mad when we all leave. Once, I didn't remove the trash can and we came back and garbage was strewn everywhere and she ate an entire chocolate bar; it was all over her face. She also once found a 6-pack of PBR and opened every can with her teeth. Shit happens."

10 of 150 Dogs, Paws in the Park with @TheBodyShop, Woodbine Park, Toronto, ON, CAN • Help end cosmetics animal testing! Sign the petition at the link in my bio & see the rest of the album at The Dogist on Facebook. #foreveragainstanimaltesting #crueltyfree #sponsored

Leo, Shepherd/Rottweiler mix (1 y/o), Bond & Queen St. E., Toronto, ON, CAN • "He doesn't allow any men near my girlfriend. Leo the protector."

Bronson, Australian Shepherd (6 y/o), Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON, CAN • "He howls when he's happy and he likes licking legs."

Jackson, Samoyed (5 m/o), Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto, ON, CAN • "He ate an entire shawarma (wrapper and all) and threw it up five hours later. His favorite food otherwise is napkins."

Professor Pickles II, Pug (9 m/o), Graffiti Alley, Toronto, ON, CAN • "He's a professor of paleontology." @prof.pickles.ii

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