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Karma was rescued from a dog fighting ring, but now she's the best sister to all her human siblings 💙🐾 (📹: @goodkarma_nybc, @NewYorkBullyCrew)

This baby cow was so lonely when he was saved from auction, but then he met the best friend 🐮🐶 (📹: @LittleBucketsFarmSanctuary)

When this family brought home a baby rat, they didn't know how their cat would react — but now they are best friends! 🐱🐀 (📹: @the_cat_and_the_rat)

A skinny little pit bull was running away from something when he showed up on just the right doorstep — now he’s SO big and happy! ❤️ (📹: @fur_friends_in_need, @PandaThePitbullsRoadToRecovery)

When you've officially given up on your summer bod...🐿🥜 (📹: @vangoghthechippy, @viralhog)

This dog has no idea his soldier dad just got home 💞 (📹: @adevo921)

This guy gave up his career in the music industry to focus on saving cats and spreading awareness 🐱💪 (📹: @the_original_trapking)

When these people noticed a mama duck freaking out, they realized all of her babies were trapped in a sewer. So they all worked together to reunite the family 💞🦆

This woman has rescued hundreds of bats and helped them recover in her home 🦇💙

This dog's favorite thing is submerging his entire body in mud 😂 (📹: @toby_swampdog, @atworkwewalk)

This family's boat ride turned into a dramatic whale rescue — and the whale spent an hour thanking them in the most beautiful way! 🐋💙 (📹: @GreatWhaleConservancy)

Just a very helpful dog feeding his friends 🐰🐷🦆 (📹: #jukinmedia)