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thedez|D.  Situations

No hangover! 😝

Hiking with my gals.

Outchea cruising the DMV #thespiritofwashington

🤔Didn’t know I had so many mini gang members in my family 🙄but🤷🏽‍♀️... I love em all the same. #family❤︎ #theinternetistryingtoraiseyourkids 😂

Congratulations to my brotha @mouse_1hunnit & ❤️@hershey_kiss_paris 🤵🏽👰🏽#allaboutthewashingtons 💐

Squeaky Clean. 🎩

Came home to flex with baby cuz. @tru_beesh_og #family❤︎ ❤️#hopeyougotticketstothegunshow 🎟

I hate saying goodnight.


Poor guy is stuck with us foreverrrrrr!! ❤️❤️@boxerthecockapoo I do not own the rights to this song! “Grammys” by @champagnepapi & @future

Greater ≥ Equal


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