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Breathtaking views after 343-gruelling-stair ascent inside a relatively dark spiral at South Tower. The stairs keep going round and round with no break! Literally and figuratively, breathtaking! Love this little window when nearing the top of the tower, with perfect golden ray of sunset peeking though the top of the tower. Perfect timing for climbing slow!

#vienna #austria #ststephenscathedral

Freeze in moment among busy tourists at St. Stephen's Catheral. In the midst of horse carriages and the Late Gothic catheral, I imagine time travelling between the now and the then. When time is blurred like the photo (😜), that's my definition of TIMELESS.

#vienna #austria #ststephenscathedral

I found my dream home in the heart of Vienna! I found my heart in the city of art! People here feed on and breathe art (and good food and air too lah!) I'm in love with the vintage touches of this hotel! Calming colours plus simple layout and furnishing. I'm seriously considering to redesign my home with this inspo. My gosh, the vintage lift I've been searching for! 无论怎么拍都像室内设计杂志! 我就是爱带有复古调调的古典美。

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My mind wanders and wonders in train... Train is indeed a transient space, it is a non-place - just a necessary connection towards a somewhere else. We walk in anonymous, we walk out anonymous. It neither captures geographical space, nor time; space and time just pass. #transience
Everything outside appears as a blur or a "zoom-by", while I'm calm and at peace within my core. Am I a constant or the world is the constant? Am I space-moving or the world is transiently changing?
过客, 与时消息。 但过客比窗外的万变风景更实在 。是世界瞬变还是过客易逝了? 一切在于观点吧。

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Hot or what! The legendary hot baths in Budapest. After a long day in the cold, dipping in the hot bath is heaven! ♨️ 哇噻! 大冷天泡澡是多么爽啊!

#budapest #hungary #szechenyibaths

Perfect beauty inside out.
That's how I would describe this place.
Neo-gothic architecture at its finest, that's when space and art becomes one!

#budapest #hungary #budapestparliament

"Harlo, xiang kar pager?" 📟
(Hello, who page ah?) P.S. I'm just curious! Anyone here doesn't know what's a pager?! #Budapest #budapest #budapestcastle

Seize the day. Let's orchestrate the morning to the tune of coffee! ☕

#budapest #hungary #baltazarbudapest

Magic hour at Budapest.
Sometimes being at the right place and the right time unplanned makes surprises sweeter.

#budapest #hungary #szechenyibridge #DTeurope2018

So much history and charm within this city for the art lovers, history buffs... and IG addicts.
#budapest #hungary #DTeurope2018

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