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Victoria, a college freshman (left), came out to become more involved in Democratic politics in Nebraska. She is most drawn to the fact that Democrats here are evolving and becoming more inclusive, just like Democrats in her home state of California.

Fred was born in Omaha, so he’s familiar with its background as a traditionally red state and is pleased that the Democratic Party is here tonight. “Eventually if we can mobilize young people, older people, LGBT people, we can change the electoral face of Democrats in Nebraska.”

Betsy (center), a high school senior, believes that everyone is equal, that more women need to be represented in government, and that the Democratic Party presents an opportunity to advocate for more equality. She knows that before 2018 and before 2020, her priorities will be volunteering regularly and helping to motivate people in her community to vote when the time comes.

From Kentucky to Georgia to Florida and beyond, Democrats are fired up and ready to #FightBack. Thanks for the southern hospitality last night, Louisville.

How excited is Louisville to see Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders tonight? This excited:

Marcayla, Kaylie, Alexis, and Leah lined up early today to see Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders at our #FightBack tour in Portland today! They're ready to get involved and help fellow college students do the same.

Join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. on our Facebook page as we sit down with Senator Elizabeth Warren on our next session of #DemocratsLive. Don't have a Facebook page? You can catch us on YouTube, too. Link in bio.

Today is a #DayWithoutAWoman. Make your voice heard even if you can't join in the strike by wearing red, calling your reps, or donating to a cause that supports women. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

Peggy was going to go to an anti-fracking protest in Maryland today, but changed gears and decided to come to DC instead to protest Jeff Sessions: "I woke up this morning and flipped on the radio and it was Elijah Cummings. Which for me, was breaking the news, that there is documentation that Jeff Sessions did lie during his confirmation hearings while he was under oath. And I’ve been wary of him from the start. I feel that confirmation hearings were going through without proper vetting – without paperwork being filled out, and this to me was huge.” #WeAreDemocrats

Trump says "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” Democrats knew -- and made it happen anyway.

Democrats are ready to fight back against Donald Trump -- and ready to fight for you. Double tap if you're ready to go.

Congratulations to new DNC Chair Tom Perez and Deputy Chair Keith Ellison!

#WeAreDemocrats #DNCFuture

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