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dear deerbird

Speak the truth always. #fucktrump #fuckbannon So much hate in these men. Pic repost courtesy of @mirandagulyash

I love working so close to this little guy. It was built in 1910 as SF's first nickelodeon, and showed SF's first midnight movie in 1972, John Waters' Pink Flamingo. When I'm feeling all emo and anti-social, I force myself not to go home and hide under my blanket, and instead come here to watch whatever they're playing. It's nice to be around strangers and heroes, big and small, and to imagine someone sitting behind me who might be just like me.

Most mornings my notifications are filled with more bad Trump news. Today is a little better 🙌🏾

What a find...1986 Bill Cosby gave parenting advice in his book titled "Fatherhood." Uh fuck you Cosby. And btw as a girl I never stood at the window, staring at space, waiting for my breasts.

Pretty hungover and my legs hurt from dancing so much, but your wedding was outta sight! @becauseitismyname 😘

When you go to a wedding and your tiki drink cat dreams come true😻

All protest is good protest. Resist Trump whenever and wherever you can. #blacklivesmatter

You know when you're pissed cause Trump is president and it's almost Valentine's Day and your teeth are kinda crooked? Yeah, well I do.

Minimalist yet effective graffiti. Trump's golden shower has us all getting pissed on.

So our dumbass president won Michigan but I know he gives zeros fucks about Flint and the people there. I wish I could pour gallons of this dirty, toxic water all over him and force him to drink it out of gold goblets while he sits on his throne and signs away our country. Picture repost courtesy of @femalecollective

Never forget he said this. It's on tape. Imagine someone saying this about your wife, your girlfriend, your daughter, your sister, your MOM, or about YOU. #pussygrabsback