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Ashlina Kaposta Interiors  Interior & Lifestyle Designer | GLAM SHUI™️ BLISSFUL LIVING PODCAST 🎧 Author of @blissfullivingbooks 👼🏼New mom AUSTIN, TX

Things I always have on me so I can feel more ‘at home’ wherever I go: .
🖤CANDLES: I have a tin travel candle in my bag (currently a diaper bag) & it smells of vanilla and sandalwood. .
🖤ALTOIDS: Did you know that peppermints are said to stimulate mental relaxation within 3 seconds? I’m obsessed with altoids, they’re the best. Plus, I love the little tin box. It’s so cute. .
🖤NOTEBOOK & PEN: writing things down always makes me feel good. Whether it’s note taking, journaling, writing a to-do list, it always gives me comfort knowing what I need is with me. .
🖤 BLANKET: I have several very plush blankets. Now Roman does too. They’re always good to keep with you. .
🖤 CRYSTALS: I just love wearing crystals in my bra. My current favorite is blue Angelite. It promotes, calm, comfort & peace which I really need with my teething baby. .
🖤 PALO SANTO: I keep this in my car just Incase i need to bring more positive vibes to a situation. .
💌💌What are your must haves? Tell me below if there is anything I should add to my list. 🗝

As a little girl, I used to obsessively watch my grandmother get ready at her vanity. She never came out of her room without being made up. Even if she was in her silk robe, she always looked pretty. .
As a work-at-home mom, sometimes it can get a little hot mess like. For 2019, I’m going to really make an effort to bring back the pretty. .
Here’s why: .
🖤 When you begin your day looking your best, you’ll have more confidence in what you’re doing. You’ll do it with an extra flair. .
🖤 You’ll get in alignment with exciting opportunities. When you start your day feeling a mess, you get out of alignment for attracting the things you want. Getting pretty & looking your best will put you in the right energy for going out & bumping into that exciting coincidence. .
🖤 You’ll inspire & motivate others just by being you. The impression my grandmothers actions left on us was very impactful. Other people will be inspired by your confidence! People will take notice that you have your ‘sh*t together’ & take notice that you are dressing up for your dreams. .
🖤 It’s good Feng Shui for life. In @mariekondo “life changing magic of tidying up” she talks about how important it is to let go of clothes that don’t serve your highest, most fabulous self. When your closet is decluttered of the things that make you feel frumpy, you will be more inclined to look your best. .
🖤PLUS, you’ll have a much easier time getting out of a funk or a rut when you’re looking like your most glowing self. DON’T MISS the latest podcast, Episode #8 ‘how to get out of a funk’ (LINK IN BIO) 💎

Wanted to give you a little peek at what’s inside. @blissfullivingbooks . .
🖤 I remember the day I heard someone say “don’t die with your book still inside of you”. That message shook me to the core. What an intimidating process creating a book is. Thanks to my girl @thechampagnediet , for showing me how it’s done. Talk about busting down a wall of limitations. Thanks for being on board with me @wennaprive .
🖤 I also remember how I felt after years of designing apartments in NYC & watching people cheap out on their home but have 15,000$ handbags but still aren’t happy. I wanted so badly to spread the message that cultivating a beautiful living environment affects you inside & out. It doesn’t matter what bag you have. What matters is the harmony in your home. What matters is that you’re absolutely in love with where you live. If you hate being home & you go out searching for something but never find it. This book will guide you back to HOME. Where all the things you truly desire are waiting for you. .
🖤This is also why I started the podcast, to open up this conversation to more than just a book or blog posts. So that you can engage & apply these messages too. Episode #8 is LIVE and ready for anyone who is in a funk & wants to change things up, starting at home. 🖤

Even though I’ve let go of the “hustle” when it comes to my work life, I still believe in pursuing my passions to the fullest. 🖤 . .
I see a lot of experts out there sharing their secret formulas for success & people are eating it right up. You don’t need to pay a ton of money to learn how to grow your brand or business so you can have a seven figure launch, etc. There is one way that I learned on my own that always played a huge role in growing my own business. .
R E L A T I O N S H I P S. It’s truly all about building relationships. The more people you connect with, the more you will learn, the more you will grow, the more you will be opened up to exciting opportunities. .
🖤 So go to that high vibe conference! Sure, you spend thousands of dollars to go to a conference but the real value you get is from the people you meet while in attendance. The connections you make will give you confidence & friendships to keep you motivated. .
🖤Be bold & ask to take someone out for coffee & connect. It’s always a good idea to be curious about people. Strike up interesting conversations. If there is someone you look up to, ask them questions and learn from them. Be intentionally focused on giving value back too.
🖤Share & connect online. Be friendly with other people. Comment on their posts, engage in what they are talking about, don’t be shy. Don’t pretend to be interested in something that you really aren’t. Intuition will always spot a fake.
HOT TIP: the more real, open & truly interested you are, the better. Don’t be inauthentic with hidden motives. Just be purposely motivated to generate real connections & spend time building quality relationships.

Such a magical Sunday 11/11. I decided to do some much needed self care today & cut 5 inches off my hair. It also needed a gloss & a little grey cover up 😜. Hair is EVERYTHING for me. I care for my hair just as much as I do for my skin. .To keep my hair long & healthy here are a few things I swear by. .
🖤 VITAMINS. I take my vitamins regularly, I currently take my prenatals. Before pregnancy I just took hair, skin & nail gummies. .
🖤 HAIR MASKS. I put a @sheamoisture hair mask on my mane twice a week. I leave it on overnight, I don’t wash it out for at least 10-15 hours. I love the way it makes my hair feel. .
🖤SUNSCREEN: Did you know they make sunscreen for your hair too? I always put on a spritz of my hair protection product before I leave the house. .
🖤NEVER BRUSH IT: I only use a wide tooth comb when grooming my hair. The bristles from brushes make my hair frizzy and rough. The comb keeps it silky. .
🖤 HEALTHY DIET: I keep bone broth soup like pho, in my regular routine. Bone broth is high in nutrients like Hyaluronic Acid, which helps to keep hair,skin & nails long & youthful. Avocados too!

BOHEMIAN GLAMOUR. Okay, one of a kind Oaxaca tile in blush pink with black. I’ve always dreamed of a beach home in Mexico, with a bohemian glam vibe, this is so going on the vision board. Well done @kenfulk 🖤 @archdigest @jamxcreative thanks for the #inspo

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my career path & how motherhood has changed things. To be honest, I think it’s actually for the better because never have I had to be so PRIORITY focused. It’s kind of awesome. I’ll go out on a limb here and say motherhood has pushed me to be a better entrepreneur. 💥 HOT TIP: alignment > hustle. .
Here’s what alignment looks like for an entrepreneuress! 👑 practicing meditation in order to tune into your intuition 👑 prioritizing self care 👑 connecting with others who light you up & keep you inspired 👑 forgiving others & most importantly yourself 👑 creating boundaries for your clients 👑 not settling for just enough 👑 charging what you are worth & believing you are worth it 👑 working on your confidence 👑 never thinking you know it all & being open to learning new things (this is so important as technology advances) Things are majorly changing in the interior design world. Are we ready for it? 🤔

Nothing beats a good nights sleep & this mama finally got a good one. 🙌🏼 . 3 musts for a good night sleep. 🖤 A SILK EYE MASK: shutting out all light from your eyes is sooo helpful when trying to get yourself back to sleep. If you haven’t tried one yet, I highly suggest it 🖤 A PROPER PILLOW: Lately, I have been sleeping on a medium firm @tempurpedic pillow & I swear it helps me sleep longer. (Not an ad, I actually am loving it) 🖤 HOT WATER & CALM: @naturalvitalityofficial Calm drink in cherry is my go to. Drinking anything warm before bed help you soothe into sleep. Plus, the magnesium helps boost your bodies natural Hyaluronic Acid, which boosts your skins youth (thank you @oliviamunn , I’m obsessed) HAVE A BLISSFUL WEEKEND!

The secret to a blissful life is heavily influenced by the people you surround yourself with. Last night, our #babesandboard Vision Board Soirée was EPIC. It was only possible because my besties are also girls who are encouraging, supportive and open to discussing new ideas. Friendships like this are essential for bliss. It looks like COLLABORATION & CREATIVITY OVER COMPETITION. Sometimes it’s hard to find friends who ‘get it’. Here are a few tips for finding your blissful friendships. 🖤 ATTEND UPLIFTING EVENTS. Last night, the girls at our party connected & bonded so they all have a new circle to support & share their dreams. 🖤BE A GOOD FRIEND. Maybe your current friends aren’t really positive. You show up for them how you would want them to show up for you. Once you are fully aligned with them, your more positive friends will appear in your life flow. 🖤 HOST MORE PARTIES AT HOME. Make sure you are keeping your vibes blissful at home & invite friends over to your most intimate place. Nurture your friendship by cooking for them, creating a signature cocktail together or making a vision board. 🙌🏼 Okay guys, Let’s begin a movement. Tag your besties & set an intention to have more meaningful friendships for 2019!!! 😘

Prepping for our VISION BOARD SOIRÉE TONIGHT. Can’t wait to share the fundamentals of vision boarding with you girls. As we move into 2019, It’s time to start gathering inspiration for the vision of your year. A few ways to organize your vision: 🖤 COLOR PALETTE - Try to pick a color theme, see what colors appeal to you currently and how they make you feel. When you have an overall theme, it’s easier to select things on brand for your dream year. 🖤 NEW EXPERIENCES - Begin to think about what you would like to experience (cash flow, a new car, clearer skin, an exotic vacation) You don’t need details yet just be thinking of how it will make you feel, so when you see images that line up with those feelings, that’s what you will use. 🖤 WORDS - Think of your commitments, your boundaries, what you won’t settle for and what you’re up to creating for yourself. (Mindfulness, adventure, bliss) Create a phrase for your year so when you see words or phrases that line up with it, you’ll know what to cut out. 🖤SET THE SCENE - I never leave out images of interiors. They set the scene for the backdrop of your days. Why not make them beautiful?? I’ve never met a black & white interior I didn’t like. This may have to go on mine 🖤

The front door is THE most important part of a home according to Feng Shui. Don’t neglect it. A few fun tips: PAINT THE DOOR a fabulous color. I love black, the color of protection. Soft green is beautiful too, so welcoming and calming. A CHIC DOOR KNOCKER. The brass lions are my fave but there are so many out there, let yours show off your family personality. WELCOME MATS are fantastic for cleaning off shoes, sharing your personal style & completing the look. How will you be decorating your front door this year? This front door is from the @southernlivingmag #slideahouse2018 by @meredithellis Make sure to check out my stories for the full tour. 🖤

Just one look at this little man & I just think to myself...”how did I get so lucky to be your mommy?” Ugh. 😩I also never thought I would have so much fun dressing my boy. 🖤 The moosh. @romangregoryleblanc

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