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Ashlina Kaposta  Interior Designer | Decor Therapist | Success Coach |Spiritual Glamourist | Author of Blissful Living ✨ YouTube.com/Ashlinakaposta


. . .now this is a Sunday kind of car. It’s about that time for brunch.

. . . Home is life. 🤗 #blissvibesonly

. . .words & affirmations at home are such a good way to keep yourself living at a high vibration. Pops of blush pink represent the love vibes,too. This is such good shui, @michellegersoninteriors#blissvibesonly

. . .Pantone 2018 Color of the Year : U L T R A V I O L E T. Purple is such an abundant & spiritual color. I’m loving it. ✨ designer unknown

. . .the entryway of the home is a place that should hug you each time you enter it. Clients are always asking me for glamorous ways to display family memories. This is marvelously done. @kellystuart @theglowdotcom #blissvibesonly

. . .what Sunday should feel like, no? P.S. I can’t get enough of a good pink front door. In #fengshui pink represents the universal color of love. It’s effects to all that enter a home with a pink door are calming, soothing and blissful. #blissvibesonly ✌🏼

. . .spending my afternoon putting the finishing touches on my vision board . . .because that’s what visionaries do,no? #blissvibesonly ✌🏼2018 is the year.

. . .such a sumptuous space to relax on a Saturday. Two sofas together makes a perfect conversation space to bond with your loved ones. #fengshui

. . .ready for a bubble bath with submerged rose quartz crystals. Love this glam blush bathroom style. ✨#inspo #fengshui #blissfulliving

. . .before the end of the year, I’m making changes in how I do things. I want to inspire you this week to transform the way you approach your to do list.
When making your lists, why not say “I want to open my fridge and see it full with beautiful, healthy and nourishing foods” instead of just writing - go to grocery store.
Instead of titling your list “to do list”
You can title it “what will make me feel ____________ today” (use a word like blissful, accomplished, confident, powerful) ✨#blissfullivingbook

. . .woke up to this. Here’s a little peek at where we hosted my annual vision board party last night. #HoteletteAustin The space is feminine & fun, the vibes were high, we had a really good time dreaming up what we want for 2018. Each one of us had a shift in energy, hope was inspired for new ideas and major clarity breakthroughs were had. I highly recommend giving the gift of major bliss and hosting your own vision board soiree’ . 💕✨ who else loves making vision boards? 🙋🏻 @allison.crawford @heidiprathermd

. . .its almost been 1 year since my book baby was born. So be sure to open today’s love letter. I’ve got a very special gift for you! #thankfulforyou#blissfullivingbook P.S. Is anyone else so inspired by @galadarling gratitude lists?? Such a fun thing to do. . .thought I’d give it a try & you should too! ✨blush and lavender sunsets ✨afternoons at the bookstore ✨ my Blissful Living community ✨ talking with my soul sisters about the Vortex a la Abraham Hicks ✨ my seriously chic grandmother ✨ long bubble baths & face masks ✨ journaling with pretty pens ✨ going for frozen yogurt with my love ✨ highlighters ✨ FaceTime with my brother in Germany ✨ looking at the moon ✨ shopping for crystals & candles with Rebecca ✨ planning my trip to Miami for a friends birthday ✨ doing nothing at my parents house ✨ really yummy coffee ✨ learning things on YouTube ✨ sister Sundays ✨

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