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🇮🇹Sinatra V. Caruso💀  ...Ciò che è Passato è Prologo...

We’re still smilin as the day goes by
And how come nobody
Ever knows the reasons why
Burry you deep so far
That you can't see

If you're like me
Who wears a broken
Heart on your sleeve

Pains is troubles that
You know so well
Either time don't
It can't or you just won't tell

I'm not the type to say
I told you so
I think the hardest part
Of holding on is lettin it go

Portland out takes

Last night in Portland
#timelapse #portland #hotelview #theburden

Domestic not Domesticated

An awesome dad hat for an awesome dad @thewordalive @twamerch
#twamerch #thewordalive

A Boy Brushed Red.... Living In Black And White
#UnderØath #UØ #theamericannightmaretour

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