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🇮🇹Sinatra V. Caruso💀  ...Ciò che è Passato è Prologo...


If I'm to choose between a greater and lesser evil, I'd rather not choose at all. Usually, though, the stakes are just too damn high. Sometimes in choosing a greater evil, you do good, albeit in a small way. Most times you make your choice and never look back...
#sunkencity #oceanvibes #film #filmisbetter #filmisnotdead #35mm #35mmfilm #cannon

You know when we first started out. I thought we was gonna be the biggest, baddest wiseguys in the world.
#tbt #vegas #gloria #bumtown

Figit spinner before it was cool
#cheflife #downtime #figitspinner

Tried out the living but I don't believe the hype Cause if she's got a pulse then she's not my type
#ashcostello #loml #tbt

Jumping in the tortoise enclosure
#wildwildwoof #barkbox

We’re still smilin as the day goes by
And how come nobody
Ever knows the reasons why
Burry you deep so far
That you can't see

If you're like me
Who wears a broken
Heart on your sleeve

Pains is troubles that
You know so well
Either time don't
It can't or you just won't tell

I'm not the type to say
I told you so
I think the hardest part
Of holding on is lettin it go

Portland out takes

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