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David J Murphy  DIY crap, motorcycles, live music, and assorted stuff

Well I'll be damned. I assumed these carrots were goners after the aphids destroyed my kale (which came back btw). Time to make more carrot and potato soup!! πŸ‘#harvest #gardening #gardentotable #growyourownfood #growfoodnotlawns #soillessgrowing #strawbalegarden #carrots

That moment when someone steals all your shit at the laundromat. I mean it was mostly underwear and socks so.. Enjoy??

Accidentally rented a movie in non-widescreen. πŸ˜‘ This is my solution. 😁

Oh, Torino's. I've come running back into your infinitely cheesy, greasy arms, back to pizza slut heaven. How could I even think I had anything good with that skinny bitch Pizza Ranch?? I will never leave you again. UNLESS YOU PULL THAT SHIT YOU DID ONCE WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGED otherwise I'm yours my love πŸ’• #pizza #allthecheese #allthetime #cheesypizza #greasypizza #bestpizza #pizzalover #feedmeseymore

"Realive" is a startlingly good movie. (Edit: except for the HIGHLY graphic birthing intro scene. Was not prepared for that.)

Fuck Mondays. Especially after working all weekend. Going back to being a kid ttyl

Spotted an Amish caravan on the way to work this afternoon

Bought the CD 🀘 @societyofbrokensouls

I finally got to see @societyofbrokensouls !!! My friends Dennis and Lauryn breaking hearts like pros. Awesome show! #livemusic #folknoir #folkmusic #marriedbandmates #touringcouple #relationshipgoals

It's hard to describe in short order what buying new guitar parts means to me right now but I'll try: my life has undergone metamorphosis during the last 3 years. I've been a musician since I was six years old. I've recorded albums and scored films, even wrote a rock ballet. During an identity crisis sparked by a broken engagement, I got rid of most of my belongings, including my music studio, stopped making music, and just ran away from life as much as possible, in every way I could find. Some was pain and some was ecstasy. I had wonderful adventures, loves, panics, almost died at one point, and felt completely stuck all at the same time. Thanks to really good counseling I have spent months now learning how to truly bring myself to life all over again and rebuild the things I missed in childhood and in life. I haven't owned a working electric guitar in about a year. Today I received the new pickups I ordered to fix up my Steinberger. I think some songs are going to start coming out of me again.
#rebirth #rediscovery #startingover #hope #life #musician #makingmusic #blockedartist #icandoit #songwriter #guitar #electricguitar #guitarpickups #newpickups #humbuckers #stewmac #overwound #steinbergerspirit #betterthanafoodpost

It finally happened :/ I picked them up off the side table this morning and they fell apart, which is ironic considering I've had them for over 7 years and they've sustained every abuse you can imagine. Time for a different look, anyway, enough of this hipster bullshit.


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