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Always felt like Bangkok was like the Narnia I read about, now I know it is. #home @xealots #xelotes

Modern and ancient gods represented in this shot. This is the famous Erawan Shrine. Some worship statues of gold, others gold itself. The Erawan Shrine houses a statue of Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of the Hindu god of creation Lord Brahma. In 2015, a bomb exploded at the shrine, killing 20 and injuring 125 others.

Breakfast for champions. This is so good. Green smoothie in a bowl at a great name of a restaurant here in BKK: Broccoli Revolution. @xealots #xelotes

Freedom! Thailand is the land of freedom. This is one of my favorite pieces of Art in Bangkok. Every time I see it, I smile. It's evokes the sense of unbridled joy and a carefree, who cares what people think attitude. No fear of man. Live in this spirit today. @xealots #xelotes #smallcloudrising

Experienced freedom tonight. A baptism of love. Great night with my new family members from Germany, Brazil and Colorado. @xealots

On an early morning run in Bangkok. Ruminating over the leaders I've encountered around the world and realize there are vastly different types of leaders. Many can influence but not necessarily for good. Some leaders stir fear. Others inspire confidence and courage. It's one thing for leaders to point out problems. It's quite another vision to actually solve problems for the greater good and unify. We live in a day and age where it's easy to vomit information about anything. We polarize without even knowing it. What we need is a new generation of leaders to craft a language and story that inspires us as well as deconstructs the cultural milieu. Instead of talking about news, create the news: a story of your life living with your eyes wide open to pain and suffering yet still seeing beauty, bringing calm and rest. Create a life of real stories about justice, love and reconciliation that births a human flourishing. It's an art to criticize and construct yet demonstrate respect, honor, courageous grace and humility. That's leadership. @xealots #smallcloudrising

Night Lights in Morumbi. Love 🇧🇷@igrejamtsiao @xealots

A moment of kindness in the middle of busyness. I was walking back to my place last night and was surprised by this simple act of consideration. At one of the busiest intersections of Bangkok the police officers took the time to escort this young man across the street. The gentle patience they exhibited towards a younger brother shifted the atmosphere of a corner that often sees the dark side of human nature. Protect the vulnerable. @xealots #xelotes

There are some things words simply cannot fully describe. Saying “I really, really love you” just doesn’t do it. Why? Because the awe we experience at the sight of something beautiful and the love we feel in a relationship transcend language. Words fail to convey the depth and breadth of what we experience. In fact, words can cheapen the experience. Sometimes silence is the best response to beauty. Awe leaves us speechless. -pg.87 of XEALOTS OR XELOTES #defyinggravity #smallcloudrising #awe #beauty #nowords. Location photo near Seattle by the @karisgibbons

Happy birthday to my dear eldest daughter, @leighgue who brings joy and delight to us. She illumines us with wisdom, laughter, curiosity, joy, fun and generous, compassionate love. She's way ahead of her 28 years! You are a gift to any one who knows you but especially to your mom and dad. ❤️❤️❤️

When my father left the house when I was young, I asked God for mentors, fathers, mothers to fill the gap and beyond. He did through legendary leaders like Max Depree. This man greatly influenced my thinking about questions, leading without power, building trust and bearing pain, defining reality, servant leadership, leadership as jazz/an art. I'll never forget sitting in a room with him and everyone waiting with bated breath to hear him unveil his wisdom. He sat down and smiled,  looked at us and asked "So what do you think are the great questions of the day?" As the group of students answered him, I sat back disappointed he wasn't speaking. I didn't come hear to listen to my peers speak (although they were brilliant and well respected. I was immature). But then I realized he was speaking...without words. He showed me the power of questions sometimes more than answers. The reality of answers emerging from others more than ourselves. He showed me what a humble leader looks like. Max, your life lives on in your sons and daughters. We'll miss you, Max Depree, one of my fathers. 92 years you gifted those who knew you. Quando meu pai saiu da casa quando eu era jovem, pedi a Deus mentores, pais e mães para preencher a lacuna e além. Ele fez através de líderes lendários como Max Depree. Este homem influenciou muito o meu pensamento sobre questões, liderando sem poder, criando confiança e suportando dor, definindo a realidade, liderando como jazz / uma arte. Nunca esquecerei de sentar-me em um quarto com ele e todos esperançosamente com o desejo de o ouvir revelar sua sabedoria. Ele se sentou e sorriu, olhou para nós e perguntou: "Então, o que você acha que são as grandes questões do dia?" Quando o grupo de alunos o respondeu, fiquei desapontado com o que ele não estava falando. Eu não vi ouvir ouvir os meus pares falarem. Mas então percebi que ele estava falando sem palavras. Ele me mostrou o poder das perguntas às vezes mais do que respostas. A realidade das respostas emergentes dos outros mais do que nós. Ele me mostrou como é um líder servo. Vamos sentir sua falta, Max Depree, um dos meus pais.

Fun being with this crew in Brasilia! This group is from Redding, Dallas, Santa Ana and Brasilia. Different places but one ❤️. They're ready to roll.

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