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Jo Klima ☾💜★  THE D▵RLING TREE ▵ artistic mystic ▹ creative spirit ▿ stargazer ◃ soul biz ▵ wanderer Inner Star Oracle magic deck in stock! Shipping worldwide ☺︎

Message for the week ahead: ✩ INNER RESOURCES ✩
There is nothing missing from inside of you. You are already whole and complete. The four different aspects of your being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, will go through various stages of expansion and growth. But it’s all contained within one body, one energy, and one soul, which holds everything you could ever need. AFFIRMATION: I can access my powerful inner resources to achieve the dreams and successes I desire in my life.
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Looking through some old alchemy books ☪︎✧☾✩☼ 💜

New moon feels 💜✨🦄

Yay!! I received my gorgeous cup and planter from @sarahconnorceramics!! Sarah and I have been online creative buddies for years, we finally met in person almost two years ago when I visited Western Australia. And over the past year she’s been absolutely blowing me away with her creative venture into ceramics. Always a talented illustrator, to see this translate into these (very popular!) beautiful keepsakes is awesome and inspiring 💜💕✨

Later this week is a new moon, might be a good time to take a drive out west for some more star shots 🤩💕✨ #astrophotography #stars #starchild #starlight #thedarlingtree

The message this month is linked with a powerful transformation in our root chakra with the need to let go of past beliefs and create a grounded and safe new space for ourselves, in the physical and spiritual, in order to feel at home and at peace again. This may be arising during this month where many of us will be spending time with those we grew up with. It can be difficult to create and trust in your own set of beliefs which align with you, as it means you also need to look at the beliefs that were passed onto you and the people who may still passionately believe them. And if you don’t, how do you separate yourself or create boundaries around that? You may still be trying to create your own version of what home looks and feels like, and you are being challenged here to listen to yourself and not others. Once you begin to do so, the necessary changes will start to multiply and rapidly transform your life.

Decks: Inner Star Oracle by @thedarlingtree, , Work Your Light Oracle @rebeccathoughts and Animal Spirit deck by @the_wild_unknown
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I have lots of photos of street signage from our trip, I think this is one of my faves 😍

A snippet of this post from @fromperseus “Since I received by oracle deck from @thedarlingtree, I pull the cards every morning. It became a small ritual before stretching and yoga. They bring me reflection and especially, a clear mind for 5 minutes.” Has the deck become part of a ritual for you as well?
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A few weeks ago, in the mountains of Poland not far from where my parents used to live. It was snowing there last week, just missed it!

There are less than 10 #innerstaroracle Clarity edition decks left in stock! If this version of the deck has been calling you, don’t miss out as once they are gone they are gone 😬💜✨ #thedarlingtree #oracledeck #sacredgeometry Photo by @mandalasouldesigns 💕

Courtyard inside Pena Palace, Sintra 😍

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