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@blackpinkofficial #squareup is out! 🖤💖

@anthonybourdain was the only person i’ve ever wanted to be besides myself. i’ve told this to countless people over the years. then i find out anthony bourdain didn’t even want to be anthony bourdain. sure, i wanted to travel and experience the world and digest it the way he did, but that wasn’t the reason he was a hero to me. bourdain understood humanity, and more importantly, he understood humans. he was smart enough to know he was stupid. he learned as he taught and taught as he learned. he idolized iggy pop as a rockstar and he idolized a street food vendor in vietnam as a rockstar. everyone says it’s a small world but bourdain showed us it really isn’t if you don’t want it to be. because of him, i didn’t want my world to be small. i never fan out for anyone but the one and only time i ever asked for an autograph from anybody was when i got the chance to meet anthony bourdain (thank you @ridingshotgunla 🙏). he signed my copy of his memoir ‘kitchen confidential’ which gave me perspective on communication, comradery, and complications. he was my hero. one memory i shamelessly brag about is having dinner with anthony bourdain that night. we went to some shitty mexican restaurant in williamsburg, brooklyn and honestly i was much more of a pretentious dick about it than he was. again, teaching me that what’s brought to the table by the servers is less important than what’s brought to the table by the company. i’ve seen the headlines but i won’t read the articles on his passing. we witnessed him live life so fully... i’m not interested in the details of his death. i am gutted. you touched the world and respected culture. you ate bloody raw seal meat on a kitchen floor because you understood connecting with culture is about serving; not observing. you literally had no reservations. thank you for showing us the world from our living rooms, and for showing us that that is not where living is done. #ripanthonybourdain 💔 tattoo by @sunrattattoo

uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pǝuɹnʇ pǝddᴉlɟ ʇoƃ ǝɟᴉl ʎɯ

congratulations on the book release @akimoto_kozue

shekki wes

@blackpinkofficial ⬛️⬆️ in your area 6/15 #squareup 🖤💖

it’s been @tierrawhack world 🌎 but now y’all should know it. her “whack world” project is out now so watch the film (trust me) and stream the tracks wherever you get your music. i’m her dad but #iwasadoptedbytierrawhack 🐢

@hyukoh2000 with that new work <24: how to find true love and happiness> drops later today❣️

g’d up from the feet up ✨. 📷 by @tokkicat

yanny chung

fuck a maybach where the plane at

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