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Daniel Joseph Sardella  Music maker. Film geek. Hiker. Mt biker. Vegan. Co-host of Focus On Film Podcast. New Hampshire.

"Diane, Lucy and I are standing in front of @the_luna_theater, a small independent establishment, where we'll be watching the pilot to the new season of TWIN PEAKS. I'll let you know how it plays later tonight."

Getting excited for tonight's viewing party. #itishappeningagain

Currently watching.

Anyone (or anyone you know) local to me interested in buying these Danelectro guitar pedals before I list them on eBay?

From L-R:

DJ-25 Chromatic Tuner $10
DJ-5 Tuna Melt Tremolo $10
DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus $25
DE-1 Dan-Echo Delay $40
DO-1 Daddy-O Distortion $30
DJ-8 Hash Browns Flanger $10
DJ-6 Pepperoni Phaser $10

All are in excellent working condition (just tested) with original boxes included and minor cosmetic wear on some.

I'll sell the lot for $125 if anyone is interested. Send me direct messages. Thanks!

Most perfect weather.

Seeing some movie with these things in it.

Got 2 going away cards for my last day at my current job. Bittersweet.

A Saul is born.

Reading the 60-page booklet included in @arrowvideo's limited edition BD of #darioargento's #phenomena and particularly looking forward to @rachaelnisbet's piece entitled "Argento, Armani And The Fashions Of Phenomena."

Watching and enjoying @m.r.mackenzie's informative visual essay "The Three Sarcophogi", which compares the 3 different versions of #darioargento's #phenomena on the @arrowvideo limited edition BD.

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