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The Daily Saint  "By saints I meant people who behaved decently in a strikingly indecent society." --Vonnegut

Terry, 75, is a volunteer at Safe Haven Cat Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisc. Every day he comes in, brush in hand, to take care of the cats, and every day, he also catches up on some Zzzs with them. The workers at the no-kill sanctuary say that Terry has become indispensable to the care of his feline friends. (via Facebook)

"Shoutout to the ISG workers who took time out to change the flat tyre of an elderly lady outside Lime Street in Liverpool this afternoon. Faith in humanity restored. Good job gents." (via @ AndrewBowen4/Twitter)

"Ryan is gonna hate this, but I’m gonna post it anyway. ... Sitting in his Cafe this morning, this gentleman arrives in his motorized wheelchair. (He comes in nearly daily.) He has some kind of neurological disorder that severely impacts his motor skills.
It was busy this morning, but I sat there and watched as Ryan stopped what he was doing, came over and helped him get his chair settled in place, made him a hot chocolate, and poured out his snack. Then he left and came back with a newspaper for him; and because the gentleman couldn’t do it himself, Ryan placed his reading glasses on for him.
The man didn’t know we were a couple, and after Ryan walked away, he looked up at me and said, “He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. there are so many cold people, but his heart is so big.” Agreed Sir! And I am honored to be able to spend the rest of my life with him!" (Submission from @andrea_herrera001)

Dear Parents,

After much research this summer, I am trying something new. Homework will only consist of work that your student did not finish during the school day. There will be no formally assigned homework this year.
Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance. Rather, I ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. Eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early.

Mrs. Brady Young (Posted by Samantha Gallagher via Facebook)

An oldie but goodie: "One of my neighbours slipped this under my door while I was practising. I thought they were going to make a noise complaint, but they just had a request. I played it with my windows open and I heard really loud clapping come from a balcony a few stories up which was super lovely. I'm in such a lovely mood now. It's so nice to be appreciated." (In case it's tough to see, the note reads: A humble request to the pianist: Liebestraum No. 3 in A flat.) (via Ned Dixon/Instagram)

"[Today I was dropping off my son Elijah at school] and I asked him why there were so many cars. He said it was Donuts with Dad Day, so we quickly went back home cause I wasn't about to let him miss out. I know seeing other dads with their kids isn't easy for mine, but it's life. At least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face, so here it goes." (Yevette Vasquez/Facebook/2016)

The note reads: "Tears in general are horrid, but tears inflicted by boys are the worst! Hope these make you smile and everything gets better."

Oh, New York, how I love thee.

An oldie but goodie: "An 84-year-old woman was embarrassed to walk around the hospital in her nightgown, so her grandson put one on as well in support." (via Imgur)

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