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High-tax, high-spending states are losing their residents.

Trump singled out CNN, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. What did you think? #trumppressconference

President Trump's nominees are moving forward despite liberal hysteria. Pruitt and Mulvaney both confirmed this morning.


We are living in strange times!

The Senate just confirmed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

The trash environmentalists left behind could contaminate the Cannonball River—the very river they were “protecting” from the pipeline.

DeVos is a critic of failing public schools and education unions. She supports private and charter schools—and is a reformer who will likely bring big changes in education policy.

What do you think of Betsy DeVos?

Church groups and sanitation workers in North Dakota are clearing out the “mountains" of garbage left by environmentalist #DAPL protesters... who like, really, really care about the planet and sacred lands.

Photo credit: Brad Wall

Here's what House Speaker Paul Ryan has to say to those who think Obamacare can be repaired instead of repealed.

California could soon become America’s first “sanctuary state.”

While some Senate Democrats have threatened a filibuster, at least 7 Democrats say #Gorsuch deserves an up-or-down vote.