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🅴🆄🅽🅸🅲🅴  ✎ Documenting my life adventures on paper | Creative Lead at Baum-Kuchen Studio : Love For Analogue ✑ I do not use DM ᐖ ˑ 🇰🇷🇺🇸


E + S Roe 👩🏻👨🏻captured perfectly in 2-D form! Adore this illustration by the talented @ameruu ! I think she got us down to the exact details including the little nuances ! Thank you so much Ame!

Work in Progress ... Always recognizing that I am a work in progress 💭Sometimes I surprise myself with the thoughts that go into my head and then those thoughts often manifest into words or negativity. I've recently started writing a positive "power thought" in my weekly calendar to help keep me in check. Sometimes we write down encouraging/positive words and then forget about them. I've found writing it in my weekly calendar and seeing it daily keeps me grounded. #trusttheprocess #powerthoughts

✔️ #bkdashboard close-up details 🔍... Planning is so much fun with the right tools! 🤓 👉🏻 Artifacts pictured available at: www.baum-kuchen.net • ☕️ Coffee themed charm, stamp, and washi tape from @toolstoliveby

Planning (dreaming of ) our BK team trip to Japan next month. The Baum-kuchen dashboards are useful for so many things (meal planning, work, weekly planning, etc...) but it's kind of perfect for a light travel companion! I have used the first page for starting my packing list, the middle for our itinerary, and back page for notes.
How are you using your Dashboards? I would love to see your #bkdashboard ! Sending you all productive and happy vibes this Wednesday! ✨

You ... ᐖ •
People are always going to tell you to do things this way or that, and yes while I have learned extremely valuable insights from others, I feel that a lot of growth has come from listening to my own gut or doing what feels right for me.
Don't be discouraged by a "one way fits all" attitude. Trust yourself whether that is creatively or personally. YOU are kind of amazing. Happy Sunday! ☺︎

You guys! It's that time of year for me... where I start dreaming of my analogue system for the next year. I am playing around with all possibilities to figure how to maximize functionality + efficiency while still having fun in the process. Do you have your 2018 system figured out yet?!

August 2017 • Went by in a flash ... but I am happy for some of the memories I've made ... ★ ⚬ . Pictured: my TN passport with just some of my schedule.

Simplicity + Essentials • As much as I want to carry ALL my favorite pens and notebooks around and take them to work, I actually only end up using a few of them. I love my Ateliers Penelope diary pouch because it holds all of my essentials in one place. It houses my Traveler's Notebook, my most used pens, and any folded loose documents ! (Sometimes my Kindle). I am giving my black Traveler's passport size some love as I'm usually in the brown or camel cover but how lovely and chic is the black? 📚Currently started reading: The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins for my fellow bookworms. 👉🏻Ateliers Penelope diary pouch shown in size: large / grey

Where is your happy place?
My heart swells when I think of the studio that I am a part of. How amazing that what we do can make someone happy or bring a smile to their face. In our small space I have witnessed complete strangers becoming close friends through their mutual love for analogue, people coming to take in the peaceful energy after a hard day, and random acts of kindness among complete strangers. I realized after much reflection during my time off that most of the time... what we do every day no matter how small the ripples may seem are far bigger than we can ever imagine . ˑ #smallripplesmakebigchanges #happyvirus

Current mood: Botanicals and shapes ... Minimal happy mail : packing a mini analogue candy ▲ ◦ Wishing you all a great week!

❝ Lose yourself in all that you love. In the end you'll be better acquainted with what you want from life alongside the only people you need with you ... ❞ - RH
Never stop creating, writing, learning, and exploring. There is no right or wrong way ... ᐖ

Traveler's Notebook, iced coffee, and a good book ! Enjoying some of my favorite things on this Fourth of July. Hope you are too ! ★•.*

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