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Sergei Urban  I am not a teacher or a scientist, I am just a dad to Max(3) and Alex(5) sharing fatherhood journey 💡Parenting tips 💥Experiments 🚀Toys ✂️Crafts


Please let me know if you like this fun ready-to-zoom-into-space DIY toy that we made.
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It's important for children to feel loved. Put your phone away, hug your child and say “I Love You” now!
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It's ToyReviewTuesday and it means it's time for a new exciting toy. Geomatrix is a set of building blocks with magnetic balls inside that rotate to match polarity to connect one block to another in different ways. The set could be used for creative building or for playing games like balance game, build the tallest tower and others.
Get yours here http://geni.us/geomatrix
@Geomatrixtoys wants to gift three sets to my three randomly chosen followers (one set each) who likes this post and within 24 hours tells us in comments below about the most favourite thing to do together as a family.
Please keep in mind that I chose this set myself, reached out to Geomatrix that agreed to provide free sets for me and winners.
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I like trying new exciting things with my boys. So I gave this homemade playdough/slime to Max for a new sensory experience. Have a look at his reaction when he touches it for the first time! (: The greatest thing about this recipe is that you only need two ingredients to make it work: cornflour and shaving gel.
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Alex is fascinated by @Roald_Dahl's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, so today he has spontaneously made his own #chocolatefactory craft using letter stickers. How creative is that?
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Five simple kids ideas for Halloween you should know
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Alex enjoyed this simple arty project - colour magic with kitchen towel, markers and a bit of water
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You still have time to make 2017 your best year yet. What are the things you want to do before it ends? I love being a father, but parenting consumes me completely and I want to find some time for myself and for my other half to spend together, perhaps, take her to a romantic place for a date night or two. It would be great to start going to a gym too (:
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It's ToyReviewTuesday today and Max is presenting this cute toy called Animo. Metallic box with wooden magnets for making different types of animals including imaginary ones. To win this set from @djeco_toys please like my three latest posts and within 24 hours tell us in comments below what fantastical creature you would create if you could combine any two animals into one. CrocoBear? OranguPanda? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Please keep in mind that I chose this toy myself, reached out to Djeco that agreed to provide free toys for me and winners.
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Not only is this game an easy way to have fun with Max, it’s also a fun way to work on his oral motor skills
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We spent a day with friends in the park. We smiled and laughed extra today. How was your weekend?
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Alex has recently started a drumming class so this book is coming quite handy to practise drumming basics learning about rhythm and beat without having actual drums at home. It is called My First Drumming Book and it has five different drum sounds and an orchestra to play along to.
Get yours here http://geni.us/firstdrum [aff link]
Please keep in mind that I chose this book myself, reached out to @usborne_books that gifted it to us.
#TheDadLab #dadlife #instadad

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