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Sergei Urban  I am not a teacher or a scientist, I am just a dad to Max(3) and Alex(5) sharing fatherhood journey 💡Parenting tips 💥Experiments 🚀Toys ✂️Crafts

Easy to make craft for a fun outdoor play. The only thing to be aware of is to use cheap balloons without a white powder inside them, otherwise they slip of
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Depending on a type of tree and its age bark is rough or smooth. Boys were interested in running their fingers over tree’s trunk to feel the texture of its bark. So we made a portfolio of bark rubbings to take our discoveries home.
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I am excited to share with you the BIG news: I'm one of the winners of YouTube NextUp London! I am taking a 5-day crash course to learn how to make my videos even better, getting advice from professionals and inspiration from established YouTubers. It is going to be an epic week at Youtube Space London! To get ready for the week I filmed a few outdoor activities with Alex and Max for you over the weekend, so do not worry I will continue posting inspiring videos during this week.
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Infinite Loop from #WePlay is today's toy for the ToyReviewTuesday. It is inspired by the philosophy of Oriental Tai-Chi and it is unique in its own way. Alex has to keep the ball rolling on the loop by repeatedly switching parts round quickly and tilting it. Two balls are provided: a slow one to start with and a fast smooth heavier one for more challenging play. Please let me know what you think about Infinite Loop in comments below
Get yours here [link in my profile]
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This is not an ad. I choose toys myself, reach out to companies that provide them for free. Only if I am 100% happy with the toy, I recommend it to you.

Thank you for your suggestions and comments to my videos. I do read them and here is the result. A new activity for name recognition, but this time Max's name is not all in capitals
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selfie in a fitting room (: Do you like shopping with your children?
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It is just fun to spin a coin in a balloon. But we used a 7-sided 20p coin that made some interesting noise
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A simple activity we do sometimes with stencils taped to piece of paper. Max loves exploring symbols and shapes while tracing them with pencils. Any stencils are good for the activity, we have this set
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It was so much fun to paint on ice! When boys stopped painting for a bit, water from melting ice run washing all the paint away and they were presented with blank canvases again
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It’s ToyReviewTuesday and Alex is presenting 3D Magnetic blocks: Sphere & Cylinders from @polydron_uk Pieces here are magnetic, but magnets inside do not rotate and therefore pieces have “+” and “-“ sides. That means that every time Alex wants to connect a new piece he needs to figure out what colour he needs for it to stick. It does give him a nice additional challenge when he builds 3D shapes. We have a few other sets from this range, but I like this one best because it isn't that big and it allows to build amazing shapes combinations. Please keep in mind that little people figure come separately.
Get yours here [link in my profile]
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It’s an experiment time! We have connected two bottles with a tube (we got it from here but you can just connect them with a tape, just make sure you put a metal washer between bottles to make the hole smaller. Spinning the top bottle in a circular motion creates a water vortex that looks like a tornado. They say that you can colour water, add dish soap, glitter or lamp oil to make this experiment more impressive, but I find that using clear water works the best
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- Max, we have a new play dough set and 30 minutes to make a present for mommy.
- No problem.
5 minutes later …
- It is done!
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