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Per la più bella
di Youtube Italia <3
Spero ti piaccia! :3
Non smettere
di essere bellissimo~

At with @lazy_cyan
I had a lot of fun with this art trade \qwq/
this oc is soooo cute!
Hope you like my part!! qwq

one of my fav Sanses hhh *^*
I feel proud,finally lol-
and i like the background qwq
Hope you like it!

i forgot it,oopsie- qwq"
btw,i'm still proud! owo
Rj is one of my fav in this artwork lol :3
and Chimmy is so HHHH qwq
lol,hope you like it!

I'm in love with this character hhh qwq
and I'm so tired,lol qwq
I'm proud and yayyy he looks okay- qwq
Hope you like it!

I'm in love with this character awwwwww!
He was one of my fav!
Hope you like it!

this is a lil' gift for @sleepyayako,
imma tired and proud of this at the same time yayy- qwq
btw,follow her and give to her some love <3 qwq
i'm in love with this twoo aww!
I hope you like it!

I have to find a style for papyruses hhhhh- qwq
btw,i'm proud owo
i wanted to make him cute and i think i got it qwq
Hope you like it!

I'm in love with this,i'm so proud qwq
and I love them aww.
The background is strange,but i love it owo
Hope you like it!

aww my dead baby!
you and your plushy are so cute!
Hope you like it!

Poor kiddo
I didn't know what to draw for a req on Tumblr and I did it lol.
I'm proud of Frisk's face lmao
Chara is rude and cute aww
Hope you like it!

my waifu looks always perfect,but when she was a baby..HHHH omg- qwq
I looked an old comic by Jakei when Drainir was worried about her dad,oh my gosh they was so cute qwq
btw,i think i'm proud? qwq"
Hope you like it!

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