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Not gonna lie. A prince would be nice. Sometimes a girl just needs a night off and a dress. 👗 #cinderellaproblems

Got my Halloween costume ready 🌑👻😂😂😂 #heysiri

Focus On The Light 🌻
This Oracle brings an assurance of success of the highest order not just commercially, but from the heart. It will manifest is a highly valuable offering to the world. This applies to a project, endeavour or organization in which you are involved. Your heart will help you realize which group or project it applies to. It may be more than one. However, you must stay focused. Enjoy the glittering lights of success but don’t be distracted by them. Stay on point with what you want to create and why. Stay true to yourself.
Don’t be distracted by other paths around you at this time as you are too close to succeeding on the one you are on now! Diluting your energies, and the pursuit of too much will slow down your success and the world needs your light to shine sooner rather than later! In time you may diversify and explore other ways to express yourself but for now, build what you are working on and know that success is coming swiftly.💫
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Find your inner lioness
Shared with 💛 @ggconservation - Find your inner lioness....
These girls are formidable 🔥🔥🔥

Keep digging until you find the goddess within you 💖

Tiny Tibetan Skull Threader Earrings 💀
The skull is one of the oldest and most powerful of all symbols. It has been used to symbolize both sides of the spectrum and therefore have diverse meanings to different people. Skulls can symbolize protection, strength, power, fearlessness, wisdom and guidance, overcoming death, surviving through a difficult time, or even immortality.
Store link is on profile. 💀

The Phoenix 🔥
Resurrection 🔥 Surrender to Change
The Phoenix appears as your Ally to celebrate your journey and to ensure your ultimate success. This is true even if it appears that you’ve just passed through a metaphorical experience of death or currently enduring a perception of failure in your life.
Death and rebirth are related when you enter the realm of the Phoenix. Seen in this light, nothing truly dies, but rather changes from one ending directly into new beginnings. The Phoenix is constantly reinventing itself and rises up whole and new and even more powerful with every death experiences. This could signal an end of a relationship – or dynamic within one – or an end of a job, a project, or even a life.
Perhaps no failure is involved, but it’s time for a complete overhaul of your circumstances. You may be tired of what you’re doing, or you may know intuitively that it’s time to move on and try something new. Whatever the case, a death of the old and a celebration of new life is called for! Whatever you do now will indeed be a successful endeavor, for rebirth is imminent! ☄️
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I am grateful to have all the good stuff in my life. I do believe that love is also a beautiful and important thing to have. If you have all that you are as blessed as am I.
Shared with 💗 @celestial_priestess - #Wednesday Oct 17 2018🍁 The older you get the less you speak because basically anything that comes out of your mouth is basically a repetition. Your values also change. You no longer value the things you use to as you have new considerations and a new understanding of the world.
As you get older you realize how short time really is and how much you must do.
Time becomes the most valuable thing and then you have to prioritize. Money also starts becoming more valuable since you realize money can buy you time as you can buy time to do things that can make you happy like travel and do recreational stuff you wouldn’t if you didn’t have the money.
Love is no longer a question. Pets and beloved family and friends who are close to you become a priority. If you are single, love relationships look like a joke as you see all the malfunctions and unhappiness from those who are in one and how dysfunctional relationships are today due to lack of respect and boundaries.
Getting older is a privilege. And the older you get the more you realize it as you see so many go before their time.🌜 #Astrology #Horoscope #Aries #Taurus #Gemini #Cancer #Leo #Virgo #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Aquarius #Pisces
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Serendipity 🍀
You’ve stepped into alignment with the greater good, where your dreams and the collective dream resonate in exquisite harmony. Now is the time for luck and preparation to meet and create miracles that you could never have planned all by yourself. Keep in mind that you are a channel for providence right now, as a higher energy uses you as a force on behalf of the whole world. Your fortune becomes everyone’s fortune. Everything you bring into being now will leave a wondrous legacy for others in the future. Your service to the world is being supported at this time. Expect the unexpected. And smile, for spirit loves you so very much. 💚
#dailyoracle #wednesdaywisdom #wisdomoftheoracle #serendipity

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