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This card tells us about personal secrets, hidden thoughts and ideas one keeps in their mind. Nobody is able to look inside your head unless you invite them to. You have the power to decide how much of your thoughts you want to share with others. A little mystery helps keep the magic alive. 💘

The Rules of Magic ✨


#WorldOrangutanDay 🧡
Shared with 💗 @leonardodicaprio - @leonardodicapriofdn: Today is #WorldOrangutanDay! LDF has been actively working with @wwf, @frankfurt.zoological.society, and @theorangutanproject to permanently protect 30 Hills, home of #orangutans and the last and largest remaining block of lush, lowland tropical rainforest that earned Sumatra its name – the “Emerald of the Equator." Follow the link in bio to read more. #InternationalOrangutanDay

Woo hoo Mercury is Direct! 💜

35 days until Autumn Equinox. Which means there’s still time to enjoy my Summer Nights Sacred Body Scrub ☀️ Featured notes include: grapefruit, orange, rose geranium, jasmine, cedarwood and sandalwood along with some other magickal oils from The Crowned Heart Apothecary🌸
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The energy you foster in yourself and in the world is a choice. Be selective. Choose love. 💖


You are in the midst of a spiral of manifestation. Something is coming into being, even if you think it is further away than ever before. How amazing it will seem when what you’ve been dreaming of, falls into place. Suddenly what you have been thinking of creating will plonk into reality, seemingly out of nowhere – because it was just around the bend, just out of view on the spiral of manifestation and you could not see it coming. In truth, it was coming to you all along!
Sometimes when we feel the furthest away from what we want, we are actually closer than ever before. Just one turn on the spiral loop of creation can see your manifestation taking root into the world. You must hold true to your faith and keep working on your progress. Forget about believing it when you are seeing it! Any old soul – or young soul – can do that! You are a bigger braver, more ancient soul. You have enough chutzpah to believe it so that you can see it sooner, bigger and brighter! Do not give into those who tell you it should have happened already or that you have failed. They are just suffering from a lack of patience and understanding, as well as an arrogant assumption that their notion of timing is somehow superior to the greater divine timing at play in life. Be in good will with yourself and the universe. All is unfolding perfectly whether you feel it right now or not.
This oracle brings a message to you about the perfect synchronicities that are taking place in your life. You may start to notice these already. When we live from the heart, honor our creative center and choose unlikely but lovingly rebellious ways to be in the world, we will begin to notice synchronicity every day. It is as though the universe is speaking to us intimately, on all matters – which of course, it is.
Remember too that your life path is unfolding in harmony with the paths of others. You will meet with each other, for that greatest benefit, when you trust in the flow of the one great, creative spiral upon which this galaxy spins. Everything is ultimately in harmony with everything else to the fulfil the great, big, creative intent of the supreme creative force of love. You are included in that. 💖

Happy Friday 💗

Challenge helps you face and overcome fear. This challenge is a blessing that will in some way make you stronger and more resilient. Open yourself to the light of the world. Draw it into you, be empowered by it and channel it into your environment for all to benefit from. Face all that comes your way and trust your ability to make change for the greater good. Take comfort in knowing that pressure is a vital element for growth and abundance. 💘

RIP Queen 👑 Thank you for empowering and inspiring us women with your beautiful voice, message and soul. ❤️
#arethafranklin #queenofsoul

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