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Mostly I am addressed because of my neck tattoo. It's done by @gerhardwiesbeck and yes, the procedure wasn't comfortable at all... Now I proudly want to present this rad shirt he designed in collaboration with @elevencult! πŸŒΏπŸƒπŸ‚
Photo: @stephan.ortmanns

I am very happy about this final backpiece that covered my lower back surgery scar and connected all my tattoos together. The more tattoos I got, the more I found that simplicity is the key to the most powerful tattoos... If you would go for a backpiece tattoo, what would it be? πŸ€”
Btw, totally love Santa Monica/Venice Beach! ❀️🌴

Life seems easier in black and white. But then you miss a lot of grey tones...
Savage weekend to all of you! πŸ–€
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Win my faithful campanion! πŸ‘― Traveling is best when it's underlined with your favorite tunes, in excellent sound quality and a long lasting powerbank for all you devices... Just like this post, follow @dockin_de and win a D Fine Bluetooth speaker! πŸ”Š What's your favorite song you would listen to? 🀘🏻 #dockinlife #dfine #passionforsound #dfineyourself

Cheeeese! Smile more and life smiles back to you. Have a good one! 🐡🍌

Oh Big Apple ... no other city inspires me more! πŸ—½My vacation comes to an end and I am full of new ideas. I have 2-3 concepts to self-actualize myself in a totally new direction. I want to tackle the first idea very soon and I am very excited to tell you more about it later this month. Always remember, what stops you from doing what you passionately want to do? Everything is achievable, just time is limited! ⏰
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No head ad! My unsisex "Seed of Life" hair oil by @lionstigersbeards. All natural ingredients, deep treatment, no bullshit! πŸƒ Thanks a lot to all people who gave it a try so far! πŸ–€ Feel free to give me a feedback in the comments πŸ˜‰ Check out the link in my bio for more! Photo: @hellfoxphoto

In the end, it doesn't even matter. πŸƒ

Good morning! Time to throwback to some coffee love. β˜•οΈβœŒπŸ» @hellfoxphoto

Clouds over California! Totally enjoy those cloudy summer days (especially my skin 🐷)... What do you prefer? Cloudy summer days ⛅️ or the untamed sun? β˜€οΈ

In retrospect, life seems to be just the summary of all those special moments, that happened beside your routines and comfort zone. How much do we really remember of the things we are doing the same like every week? Traveling and living on the road is unforgettable. It's pure life! πŸ–€
@officialtriumph x @bodaskins

First of all, thanks a lot to everyone of you for your lovely birthday wishes! ❀️ Today I am leaving San Francisco for a little road trip through California/Nevada/Arizona. So I am totally looking forward to one of the most beautiful roads through Yosemite and a first night in Las Vegas later (or I instantly fall asleep after 10 hours of driving)! πŸ˜‚πŸ•Ί
Jacket by @bodaskins

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