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  Usually tarot. Sometimes art. Always sarcasm. Please don't DM me I won't see it.


#inktober day 22.
I've always found this card to be very relatable, the I learned that the astrological association to it is the Sun in Capricorn. *My* sun is in Capricorn. This is officially my card now.

#inktober day 21.
This one *somehow* ended up being a little... religious.
I resisted adding a bunch of bible verses I felt fit this card well.
Anyways, moving on.

So I've been wondering about a guidebook for this deck (and if one is needed at all) and I was thinking of a format like this. I like diagrams, I hate writing, but this way you get all the info without me having to write a book, in book form.
Let me know what you think! (If you would like a guidebook, and if so, would this be alright).

#inktober day 19.
Not many more to go now.

I'm making it official: my deck has a name!

#inktober day 18.
Sometimes I draw something and I marvel that I was actually able to make something amazing. Other times, I wonder if I even know how to hold a pen. This, is one of the former.
Very happy with how this turned out.

One more look?

#inktober day 18 and 19. There's two of them so it counts as two days, ha.
I'm probably going to add a couple more small ones, but it's past midnight and I should probably go to bed.

Et voila!
And now all of the cups are done! Other than the majors, I'm doing them separately. But still, a good chunk is finished. Yayyyy 😁

#inktober day 15.
Not gunna lie, I was procrastinating on this one. I started it MONTHS ago. And I was just working on my calendar instead of these, because vector work is where my heart lies. Anyways. One more big tattoo and she'll be done. I just don't know what it's going to be yet 😬

Aaaaaaand done. Frick she took forever. Worth it though, quite happy with this one.
And, not gunna lie, I really like it when you guys try to guess what cards these are; let's me know if I'm in the right track!

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