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  Usually tarot. Sometimes art. Always sarcasm. Please don't DM me I won't see it.

1. 10 years - ha, sucker. Let me know what happens a decade from now.
2. Next month - Lucky you! That's not too bad at all (usually).
3. You're lucky you didn't pick card number one, or it would have been twice as long. You're still a sucker though (heh). #onlytimewilltelloracle #ipickedcard1 #ohdear

It's been so long I don't even know how to do this anymore.
Pick a card, I guess? It will answer... something? I have this prickly sensation that time might be involved, but who knows really.

When you didn't bring your tarot cards camping and you're tired of playing solitaire.

The Six of Pentacles.
The giving/receiving card. There are a couple variations, although they are all pretty close. There's the everyone sharing stuff, the I have extra so I will give some away, the I have a gift for you, and the exchange.
#illuminatedtarot #ravensprophecytarot #revelationstarot #housewivestarot

Day at the beach.

I thought it would be a fun change to draw outside.

I was wrong.

It was not fun.

#tarot #myart #9ofcups

They're so cute and poofy.

My reading for today. It's rude.
#amethystoracle #idiosyncradeck

All of Canada
Because you can never have too much Canada. Bonus points if you can guess each province/territory correctly 😉
#art #canada #canada150

Celebrating Canada day properly.
Tim's for breakfast, poutine for lunch, like a true Canadian.

Nine of Cups - the everything is awesome! card.
#silhouettestarot #ravensprophecytarot #idiosyncradeck

My elemental reading for today. There's an awful lot of blue involved...

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