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A hidden talent - revelation/science.
I didn't know what deck to use, so I used both. And I feel like they're both saying the same thing, so bonus points to me!
I'm good at analysing, finding patterns and figuring things out. When it matters to me at least.
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What is my direction in life - lust.
Lol. Okay.
What is my purpose - opposition.
I do get a great deal of pleasure from debating with people. I like playing Devil's advocate, figuring out contradictions. I could deal with this as my purpose I think.
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An amazing trait of mine - perspective.
This is rather self explanatory.
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What three things do I most value - Temperance, the sun, 10 of Earth.
This is all true.
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I had a dream this deck finally came in the mail, and then when I went to check, there it was! It's absolutely lovely.

Finally got this beauty framed. Now just to figure out where to hang her...
Art by @audraauclair.

Why I will be loved - omen.
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How do I express myself - justice.
I go straight to the point. I've gotten in trouble for being too blunt before, but I never really understood why. Why sugar coat things when you can just say what you mean?
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Why I am loved - lies.
Ha. Nice. Thanks so much ๐Ÿ˜›
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What is hatred doing to my energy levels - death.
Okay, that's a little much there deck.
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How I'm growing in general - destruction.
This is just so... on point!
One of my favourite quotes is from a short story we read in high school; "destruction after all is a form of creation". It just spoke so strongly to me. You have to get rid of the old to make room for the new. Like burning off old crops, you're creating better soil for new crops to grow.
I'm currently in a destruction part of my life. I'm taking a wrecking ball to everything I used to think, all those old walls, burning bridges as I go. Making room for new things to grow.
#oceanwildatelier #amethystoracle

What is the root of my hatred - king of air.
#shadowofmay #antiqueanatomytarot

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