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I remember listening to @tarajiphenson saying one day that if women could band together, we'd take over the world! And it's so true... We all have unique and distinctive qualities that complement one another. However too many times we get sucked into competing instead of collaborating.

One thing that I came to understand is that there's no such a thing as competition. We all have our own lanes to excel in, and the Universe is filled with abundance for everyone. Every time a sister is blessed, it opens the door for more abundant blessings for the rest of us.
So tag a #workingwoman who's doing her thang, while you keep pushing in your lane too! Grateful for strong #women everywhere...

When you manage to get clean clothes out of the laundry basket, get the kids fed, work on the side hustle, and make it to your desk looking human, life is good!
Speaking of side hustle, our guest contributor And resident business and legal expert Dorcia Carillo shares 4 tips on handling the legal and business implications of your side gig ➡️ check it out #ontheblog (see bio!) How do you handle the business and legal aspects of your side gig?

Who else likes to relax after work with a lil' bit on online browsing/shopping? Ok i kinda do 😜.... I used to dread shopping for work clothes until I gave up trying to look like everyone else. Now when I look for workwear, I look for pieces that make me smile, and combine classic with a touch of funky.
Because I believe in workwear that makes you stand a little taller and adds a pep in your step.

1. Identify your style (conservative, modern, hip, etc)
2. Pick pieces that follow the rule of 80/20: 80% business, 20% original
3. Keep in mind your office dress rules

Check out our latest Wear to Work suiting pick #ontheblog (see bio)

What career advice would you give your 20-year old self?
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Are you on top of your goals for the rest of the year? Time is flying by, but you've got this! Grab your Mid-Year Career Check Workbook in our bio!
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Dress for the job you want! You've probably heard it before, and it still holds true. Whether you're going to an interview, attending a Board Meeting, or just stepping into the room, present yourself at your best! And no, you don't have to wear expensive name brands, or suffer in heels killing your precious toes.

What you can do is pick workwear that fits well, represents your style and is comfortable! As a recovering shopping addict, I've had to scale back after babies, both financially and practically. Which meant keeping my workwear sharp but economical and easy to create and re-create... BASIC RULES FOR DRESSING FOR THE JOB YOU WANT (WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK):
1. Invest in key pieces such as signature dress, bag, blazers, coats, comfortable shoes, etc
2. Accent with inexpensive accessories
3. Create an easy but distinctive look

Check out our latest Wear to Work pick combining classic silhouette with modern details #ontheblog

How do you dress for the job you want?

#MondayMotivation: Over 15 years ago, education brought me halfway across the world through a scholarship opportunity. Education was always big in our single-parent household led by a woman, my dear mom, who'd never give up on learning and progressing in a world that kept telling her "there's no room for women to succeed!" Yet the power of learning made a way, opened doors, and keeps creating opportunities!
Read my story #on the blog ➡️ see link in bio!

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What do you do on Sundays to prepare for your week? Or do you just wing it and see what's going to happen?

It's easier to just leave it to tomorrow, but there are a few things we can do to ease the transition to a more productive week:
1) Which goals are you trying to accomplish this week?
2) What are you going to do for yourself? (Rest, exercise, etc)
3) Make sure to reserve some time to spend with family.

Are you planning for your week? ---------------------------------------------------- Have you done your mid-year #career check yet? Grab your FREE Mid-Year Career Check Workbook --->

Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve- JK Rowling

This morning I was driving through my dream neighborhood visualizing positive outcomes. God places dreams in our hearts for a reason. He gives us Purpose and Faith to bring about His promises. You've just got to have the nerve to believe that it's already yours, that it belongs to you.
What can you work up the nerve to believe for today?
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