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John Cooley  learning

When your face and your shirt tell very different stories

We played Broomball and @taylor_bogardus was really excited about it

Here's a picture of two people I'm a fan of

Not enough lights

Here's a picture of some books. The top one I got 13 years ago, read it for a few chapters but I was 10 and dumb and didn't finish. I tried again in High School and got all the way to the second book, but I was still pretty dumb and gave up. At age 23 I was finally just enough not-dumb to finish the whole thing. The moral of this story kids is that I'm slowly getting less dumb, Tolkien is a genius, and Samwise is the bro to end all bros.

we got lost and found some people with red hats @mbmswyldlife #corn

I saw an unreasonable amount of clowns last night

Reposting this video because it's freaking lovely, because its #nationalcoffeeday , and most importantly because everyone needs to know I'm in to coffee.

good weekend.

Happy birthday to this beautiful man

When you just finished a color war but you look more like you just finished an actual war #isthatblood #whoknows

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