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The Compassion Crew  A couple with a passion for compassion 💚 #RandomActsOfKindnessCC #RipplesToWavesCC #MysterBagsCC #KushstockStreetTeam #BrownBagLunchesCC

So the other day this happened.....
#CaliMarijayne was the recipient of a #randomactsofkindness . She was at school,buying her Sissy @destinigrows a Christmas present at Santa's Work shop. When a mystery man picked up the cost of her purchase 🙏🏼 we have an idea who this person might be and we and to say thank you!
We try so hard to spread the word of kindness( sometimes with absolutely NO INTREST) you can't imagine how it felt to have this happen to our Cali,who always wants to help others👫
This was the best feeling ever,she walked away happy yet confused....she didn't understand she to was gifted🎁 #PayItForward #RipplesToWavesCC #randomactsofkindnesscc #WithLoveFromCali💖

Found @Hattorihanzo94 thank you for your kind words and support for @thecompassion_crew @vaderextracts @Cannalixir_ @kushstockfestival

15 min go

On our way home, let us hear you
From East L.A. -Whittier

we're thinking🤔 of spread holiday cheer🎁. Last of the 2018 #StashAndDashCC 🎄

This morning we got to witness Humanity at it's finest. #randomactsofkindness While Louie ran in to grab our morning coffee, he watched a man who had already left the store with his purchase,return to purchase another order....he walked outside to a door way....where there was a homeless man asleep,he woke him and gave him coffee and pan dulce, and some money for later. Although we couldn't capture it for you all to see,I feel the need to share it with you all.....its the holidays,winter is Amongst us,please find it in your hearts to do something nice for someone,you don't know what it will mean to the recipient! But what you will feel in your heart is priceless. Just be kind,we need change,we want to be part of that change....our dream is to see #RipplesToWavesCC #PayItForward #randomactsofkindnesscc #thankyou #Blessed #IDoItForMeghan #WeDoItForPeanut #RIPARD #RIPYvette #RIPJerryLoco

#Repost @withlovefromcali_
If only we could all learn from the kids! They seem to know so much more than the adults these days. #CaliMarijayne is always thinking of ways to help others. She knows how much CHLA means to our family, she remembers spending a lot of days in the hospital, she remembers the way the meds changed the way she looked and she remembers seeing all the kids in the hospital....many "sicker" than her. Cali loves her friend Geivona from child life they always now just how to keep their little minds occupied. One day when at the infusion center, she was told that they were running low on Arts & Crafts (which is Cali's favorite thing to do) she immediately looked at me and said " can we bring art supplies for the kids in the hospital"? My heart was full, as a mom watching her baby deal with so much her self, show me how pure and resilient her heart is by wanted to help others. We knew what we needed to do and that's how @withlovefromcali_ began her journey to give back to the hospital who saved her life, soon after,she visited a blood drive,and wanted to begin having blood drives herself...Cali received multiple blood transfusions between the age of 2 & 5 yrs old. We are grateful....this is our way to give back to show how thankful we are and continue to be. This months blood drive is special being that its in memory of her angel friend @prayersforemilyjanelle when Emily gained her Angel wings in March of this year Cali wanted to do something to help she came up with an idea to raise money to help @seedlings.brand with her mission to raise funds for Emily's services we thank you Jocelyn for acknowledging Cali's want to help because, this one hurt her heart being she's now 8yrs old and has a much better understanding, she said "Mom Emi is the same age as I am" it's not fair😢. At that moment we promised Cali to help #FightBesideHerFriends both here and in heaven. We are #InspiredByEmi to #LoveLikeEmi Cali makes sure to take Emi on all her adventures & on her endeavours to spread kindness and love #WithLoveFromCali💖
Please, help a simple blood donation can extend and save lives of 3 precious warriors. Will you show them they are not alone?

🎄Link in BIO🎄Or if you can't donate for what ever reason, we would appreciate spreading the word a repost tag a friend🙏#RipplesToWavesCC
#SpreadLove #FightLikeAKid #TeamLilly #TeamEmi #TeamCali #watchusgrow 🌱 #Repost @withlovefromcali_ (@get_repost)
The time is here...@withlovefromcali_ last blood drive of 2018📆. And this blood drive is EXTRA special we are celebrating @prayersforemilyjanelle who has become #CaliMarijayne 's Angel friend. Cali wants to honor Miss Emily with this blood drive, each donation could save or extend the life a a #ChildWarrior at #CHLA although the illnesses are different they all still fight a battle with a smile, the amazing thing about these kids is their resilience and the want to spread kindness. So in honor of #LoveLikeEmi we dedicate this blood drive to her and her amazing family who continue to fight along side these little warriors #InspiredByEmi 💛 #WithLoveFromCali💖 💜 #childhoodcancerawareness 💛 #SystemicJuvenileIdiopathicArthritis 💜#WeFightTogether #TeamLilly #WatchUsGrow🌱
So please sign up 🙏 Online appt. Link in bio💖

Thank you @stope_db for bringing awareness to amazing acts of kindness💚#Repost @stope_db (@get_repost)
@thecompassion_crew #JaretHucks doin his part #LoveThyNeighbor #RandomActsOfKindnessCC #StopeSupports

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