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Believe it or not I haven't touched this photo with any editing software this is all in the raw file. It's crazy almost like a modern day version of a film burn. Wish I knew how to recreate it.

Dark figures on the beach early this morning

A look at a rebranding I did of Belton Molotow, a highly regarded graffiti paint company from Germany. •

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Ant Pile

Goodnight #35mm

Cosmic Puke

Crack a brew, it's Friday.

One from the archives: photograph by me in 2011. This picture was shot on a Nikon N70 (one of the last film cameras made before the DSLR switch) with a 24-70 mm lens I don't remember the f-stop it was on but in usual for me it was wide open. What's really crazy to me now looking at it is how what I had originally thought was a mess up in the exposure of the paper actually created an almost 3-D effect of the bus coming out of the frame of the image. I developed film my self back then. This was one of the best things I ever got out of high school was getting to learn film and the process of it.

Letterpress machines are a really crazy thing to watch move. So much happening but everything is so In syncs with each other. This is one of @mc_pressure's machines working on the covers for my project.

Feeling positif about négatif + -
Got some stuff back today from @mc_pressure for a collaborative project I've been working on for the past couple weeks.

For those flying solo today #happyvalentinesday