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Emilie Raffa  Author of Artisan Sourdough Made Simple. I teach beginners how to bake sourdough bread! Get started here 👇🏻

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Wishing you all a safe, happy, and most delicious holiday! {apple pie makings in stories🍂} #f52grams #feedfeed #f52thanksgiving

I did a podcast recently with @central_valley_sourdough, talking about all things bread and how an unassuming blog post inspired my book! 🙌🏻 I loooooove podcasts by the way- both doing them and listening to others. It’s like, Oh! She’s a real person! 😉 So if you’re into sourdough (or listening to my bubbly, highly caffeinated voice) I definitely recommend subscribing to his podcast- Mike’s got a great lineup of bakers ready to share their story. 👋🏻 Link in profile if you’d like to listen to my episode! #sourdough #sourdoughbread

When you’re supposed to be cleaning out your bedroom closet, but end up making Ligurian focaccia from ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ on Netflix instead 😍 It uses the salt brine technique (totally new to me) where you pour a solution of salt and water into the dimples of the focaccia before it gets baked. It weighs down the dough keeping those cute little holes intact, and creates steam which is essential for a good, crispy crust (check out stories). Here’s my interpretation made with sourdough from my book. Insane. Go watch this series on Netflix right now! #saltfatacidheat #focaccia #sourdough

“Madeleines are always best eaten the day they are made, which works perfectly with a batter that can sit in the fridge for several days and still perform like a champ” says @displacedhousewife. Um yes! Hi 👋🏻! Madeleines you can make in ADVANCE? These are so insanely good they will blow your mind people... they’re crispy on the outside and light as a cloud in the middle with a hint of fresh lemon! 🍋 I’m skeptical of any other recipe now {even my own French grandmother’s}. Link to Rebecca’s new book #thecookiebook in stories!

Hi friends! 👋🏻 Yes, I know it’s been a while since I posted here, but with good reason... I had a baby! Meet my latest little love: Luca Wilder. He’s the most scrumptious nugget ever and we’re totally high on baby fumes 😜 (I just stare at his face all day). I’ll be back cooking and baking in this space soon! I might even update my blog 😬 Miss you guys 😘 xx E #momofboys

Cool down with this sweet treat: brioche con gelato! Have you tried it before? It’s basically a grown up ice cream sandwich made with soft sourdough brioche, stuffed with your favorite filling😋 We like strawberry and vanilla gelato with sprinkles, but chocolate hazelnut and espresso is a close second! The recipe is in Artisan Sourdough Made Simple. Enjoy! 😉 #iscreamyouscream #f52grams #f52fingerfoods

Made @samanthaseneviratne yummy orange pistachio buns a few weeks ago and froze all the leftovers (there weren’t many 😬). I defrosted them at room temp. and quickly warmed them in the oven. So good on a lazy weekend morning with coffee! The sugary crust is my favorite part. Want one? 😍 #sweetdough #orangebuns #weekendbaking

Current addiction: hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes and kale-basil pesto on sourdough bread with toasted sunflower seeds 😍 I’ll be making a batch of this bright, flavorful pesto tomorrow afternoon at @goldenearthworm farm! Come see me CSA friends! Happy Friday! 🍅🥒#csalove #goldenearthworm #veggiesandwich

When I crave something light and quick, this is it: whole wheat tortilla pizzas with prosciutto and arugula 😋. They are very simple to prepare and healthy too. I make them with all kinds of toppings (spinach and feta w/mozz and no sauce is also a fave). This is our dinner tonight! What are you making? #easyweeknightdinner

Warm, homemade blueberry muffins on deck because it’s STILL raining outside AND I’ve finished work early for the day 🙌🏻 🙋🏻‍♀️This is a @gwynethpaltrow recipe, which I’ve been using for years (google it- so good!). I use salted butter instead of unsalted, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top. Try it! #kingarthurflour #homemadewithlove

I’ve been working on the most delicious soft rolls to make ahead and freeze for sandwiches. The recipe is almost there (still trying to perfect that squishy crust!)👌🏻 I think you’re really going to like it! Also, huge thanks for all of your sweet, thoughtful, funny, (and totally honest) comments on my last post. I guess 3 is the magic number. Bring it on! 💫 #sourdoughrolls #realbread

I have news! And I’ve been dying to tell you all about it! There’s another bun in the oven and this time it’s not sourdough! 😉 The newest member of our family will be joining us in September (is there a handbook for having 3 kids?!)! Happy Mother’s Day, everyone 💘#gratefulheart

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