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Christina Kim  Professional golfer playing across the globe. Work in progress, trying to get #bettereveryday @pxg ambassador #PXGTroops

Still trying to figure this whole drone thing out. I freaked out a few times when I lost sight of her (still need a name for this bird), but I’m slowly starting to smooth out my turns. A little bit. Or am I? I don’t know. Wheeeeee!!!!!

Tuesdays at @lpgakiaclassic are always filled with laughter and amazing times with friends. Thanks @megan_khang @cheyenne_woods Inbee for the laughs and letting me sneak in some videos of some amazing swings. Great times with greater people! ❤️❤️ @parkhyattaviara is playing tough with the lush rough!!! Fairways are gonna be a premium this week!

GUESS WHO GOT A DRONE?! This is only my second day tinkering with this bad bitch, so please pardon the shuddering video and off colors. @lpgakiaclassic @parkhyattaviara provide us with such a dramatic golf course, I had to bring her out this evening! Thank you @perrinedelacour @stickballenthusiast @jeffbright88 and the Moo for the patience while I squealed like a piggy while bringing her round. I need to learn how to turn the remote off. I also need a name for this pretty lady. I’M A DRONE GUY!

‪Hopefully everything was left on the editing room floor! Talking with @AlanShipnuck, someone I’ve known longer than my entire career, is just so easy! Check out my guest appearance on his podcast (link in bio). Ugh, I hope you made me sound smart, Alan. Even I’m not delusional enough to think I sound like I know what I’m talking about! 🤣 let me know in the comments how I did! We all know Alan is a pro at this! Also, I used a couple swear words a few times, so I guess I need to say PARENTAL ADVISORY, EXPLICIT CONTENT.

Update: UGH I say the word like, like fifteen times in the first five minutes. Just get through the first bit and I calm down.

Had to change up the tunes. This duet is looking a lot like a solo endeavor, though 😒. We have 2.5 hours for me to break you yet, son.


I like to say that I was brought to this earth to teach patience to those who need it. And to dance and sing in cars.

One hour in. I’m just trying to help you stay hydrated. 😒

ROAD TRIP! Well, at least ONE of us is excited to spend six hours in a metal death trap with the other. Next stop @lpgakiaclassic!

Hiked Camelback Mountain today, and happy to report I didn’t die. Definitely thought about it 20,000 times during the ascent, and at times prayed for it during the last push (just kidding mostly. That bitch was hard to climb.) but we made it and came across an amazing view. Felt great to encounter such a steep obstacle and make the push to not give up. Metaphor for life or something, no? That being said, my legs. I need new ones after that scrabble. Also, we rewarded ourselves afterwards with some amazing noms. We earned that ish! Lastly, daddy’s home!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ all is right with the world again.

Birthdays are meant to be spent with people that are special to you, and today was no exception. Seeing my girl (also named Christina) after my round today @lpgafounders was amazing! I was so heart warmed to come across several birthday gifts in my locker as well! Thank you @lydsko @perrinedelacour @daphnesheadcovers @jeffbright88 and everyone who wished me well today. You all are the best. And because it’s my birthday, you KNOW I had to get me my double double, protein style, no sauce, mustard grilled into the patty, chopped chilies, yes tomato and pickle. Then we did dinner. LOL. It’s my birthday, damnit. Stay in your lane. The Mission at Kierland did not disappoint tonight! Tequila flight, cola glazed pork belly lettuce wraps, flat iron steak and a pumpkin bread pudding. Ugh so good. Also, wearing knee high boots is great when it’s cold. They’re like pants AND fashion! FaceTime video chat midday, and an hour long FaceTime audio to end the night, and I’m ready to call it for this one!!! Bring on Friday!!! It was a good eyebrow day. ❤️❤️

3/3 perfect shots my first day hitting these and I was sold on @pxg generation 2 irons. My 0311P are the best things I’ve put in the bag, no question whatsoever. I can’t wait for you to share in what are the best irons I’ve ever hit. No, I didn’t think they could be better than what I was hitting before. And yes, I was wrong. Way wrong. April 19th can’t come quickly enough; I want to share in the delight with you all!!!!!

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