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Guy time 🐶♥️

This entire day was so much fun! @markiswhoiam and I planned a day in the studio to shoot. We got some amazing shots and had a lot of fun, however, I decided that morning that we should shoot at Laguna Beach that night at sunset. Something we’ve been wanting to do, but hadn’t gotten the chance due to different variables. After finishing up in the studio, having lunch, doing some editing, and heading to the beach we did the shoot exactly how we planned and were preparing to go home. Freezing cold and soaking wet from shooting in the water fully clothed, I started taking my shirt off. That’s when creativity struck. As were standing by this rock formation he tells me to keep my shirt off and starts to look around. We both seems to have the same exact idea. We looked at this rock formation, looked around, I looked at him and said “I know exactly what you’re thinking”. A couple minutes later this shot happened. The excitement that overcame us was intense. It seemed we made our entire day in just those couple of minutes. This shot wasn’t planned, nor was it even supposed to happen. We had a spark of creativity as we were packing to leave. This is what happens when two great, creative, and similar minds work together!

I’ve been pretty fucking depressed this past week. I’ve felt like shit about myself, both inside and out. To be perfectly honest, I’ve spent a lot of time being a bad guy. I’ve hurt people recently that were the least deserving of it, just because I could. I’ve turned into the guy that I spent forever protecting my loved ones from. All because of the availability of the trouble I was getting into. I’ve spent the past few days looking my Instagram page up and down in disgust. Let’s be honest, I look like a fucking tool having an Instagram page with ONLY pictures of myself. The superficial act of focusing my time and attention on ways to increase my “popularity” for lack of better term has never been me. I’ve always put my heart and my brain out there before my looks and I’ve always been the type of guy who would take a compliment about my intellect and my kindness over one about my outer appearance. Over the course of the past year or so, however, I’ve turned that around 180°.

As the new year approaches, and specifically Christmas, there are certain people on my mind that have me feeling a need for change. These have been some of the sweetest, kindest, most loving, most gentle people to me and in the past year I’ve taken advantage of that. Having the title of “model” is incredible. I love what I do and I’ve never loved any other work more. But there’s so much potential to be a total dick and I’ve allowed that potential to consume me and turn me into, well, a total dick. I’m at the point where I refuse to sacrifice my integrity, my morals, my humility, and my trustworthiness any longer. For what? For some fleeting moment? For my hour of gratification? No longer. I’m working to better myself; mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. I’m working on being a better me than I was before all of this. I’m working on advancing my career. I’m working on being a positive light in a very darkened world.

Taking the words of Socrates to heart, it’s time to focus all of my energy on building the new. I’m ready to be the best me I can be. I’m ready to take the necessary steps to put my pride aside and make the changes I need to make. I’m ready for 2018.

She looked deep into his eyes. She saw the devil staring back.
feat. @californiaheadshots

So I walk into the bathroom last night and there was a birthday party going on in there. Then I got handed cake and was sang happy birthday to! That was the second birthday I had this year and I didn’t even know about it! 🤯 but for real, S.O to @niikkiitta the actual birthday girl and the rest of y’all crazy ass kids! 🤙🏼

“I guess what I’m trying to say is... there’s no way that 80% of the earth’s water supply is being used for agricultural uses when my body is 70% water.” - @savanitaam

feat. @californiaheadshots

Eat your heart out
feat. @markiswhoiam

So lately I’ve been super into eating tuna fish sandwiches. Everyone has their own opinion on them, but ultimately I’ve found them to be a quick, healthy, filling, and very delicious snack or meal.

Tuna is an excellent source of lean protein, niacin and vitamin B-6. It also provides nearly an entire day’s recommended dietary allowance of antioxidant selenium and vitamin B-12, which is essential to keep your nervous system working and to synthesize red blood cells and DNA. You’ll also get omega-3 fatty acids. A 3-ounce serving of canned light tuna supplies at least 10 percent of your daily intake of the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, and docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA. These unsaturated fats reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing inflammation and lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.

This is my rendition of a tuna fish sandwich, the Boujee Tuna, AKA. Bouj Tūn for short.
The Bouj Tūn has just 362 calories. These calories are nutrient-dense and packed with protein, fiber, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. It’s made with protein wheat bread (didn’t even know that existed), tuna, light miracle whip, celery, red onion, romaine hearts, and salt and pepper to taste. In each 362 calorie sandwich you have 41 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbs, and 8.5 grams of fat, making this an all-around great meal, whether you’re trying to slim down, bulk up, or manage your current weight.


feat. @californiaheadshots


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