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Chris Dodds  Freelance NYC/LA Producer & EP at @madebylimbo

If you see her, say hello.
Marfa, TX | September 2018
#120 #120film

I’m with your ghost again

Cloudcroft, NM | September, 2018

#120 #120film

One year, and so much more
Martha’s Vineyard | July, 2018

LOST COUNTRY teaser—thanks to an immensely dedicated and talented group of artists for making something beautiful. Link in bio @tylerford @albertsalas_r @plotinianb @stephania.dulowski @kathraisch @ewmiwa @coltonhuynh @madebylimbo

Yesterday was dope

“Yet there is no avoiding time, the sea of time, the sea of memory and forgetfulness, the years of promise, gone and unrecoverable, of the land almost allowed to claim its better destiny.” #120 #120film

Miles to go before she sleeps.

Ridgewood, NY | June 2018

#35mm #fujiframez

“It’s not what you stole, it’s what they gave you.” Owens Lake | January, 2018

#35mm #Kodak

“I don’t know what it is about summer that makes me feel like nothing’s changed...” #35mm

One day they’ll know how good they had it.

Quebec City | February, 2018

Probably thinking about the one that got away.
DUMBO, NY | July, 2018
#35mm #kodak

Here’s looking at you.
Quebec City | February, 2018
#35mm #kodak

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