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Casey Williams  Manager @unionfitnesspgh @elitefts /@onnit Athlete 2088@242 raw w/ wraps 2300@242 single ply Email for coaching and custom programming

Lily’s hanging in there. The last couple days have been tough. She’s still sassy and needy.

3 week speed wave, 5x2 today
415 + monster bands + 3 chains/side for about 705 at the top. Next week +50lbs, third week another 50lbs.
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I was amazed at the support we got for our first meet. Since it sold out, and we had more than enough sponsors step up, we’re putting together number 2. With cash and even more prizes and giveaways. We will be taking care of the lifters first. Plenty of restrooms, a warm up room that is blocked off to coaches and lifters only, plenty of food options on site, alcohol for spectators, hotels within walking distance...i can go on... #Repost @alphafitnessdoug with @get_repost
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Hosted by: @unionfitnesspgh
Lifter awards and Sponsorships by: @gogginsforce
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3 weeks of speed work for all 3 lifts.
325x2x5 sets against double red minis. One set of 10 after this.
And 45x3x3 incline
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Austin TX we’ll see you in September for a hands on seminar. Link in bio for tickets!

585x6 stiff leg deficit deadlifts

A few weeks of heavy deads and I’m ready for a break. Recovery by @solevo.wellness tonight to help me sleep like a baby.
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706 for sets- a visual presentation of lessons learned, the hard way.
Set 1- pretty good triple. Technique is getting better. Still need hips to start a little higher.
Set 2- after set 1 i felt like 3x3 would be good for today. Grip went on #3 and my training partners pointed out my timing is off. Partially true. Also too much quad not enough hip.
Video 3- figured I’d get one good fast pull in. And it was the shittiest rep of all.
Learn when to cut it. Remove the ego. Just because i “thought” 3x3 was the number doesn’t mean it was do or die.
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Caloric Deficits: the not so good, the bad, and the ugly.
New blog is up, LINK IN BIO, big thank you to @alexarferri for sharing her story. She agreed to share more as she grows through this!! 💪🏼 #northside #unionfitnesspgh #novaplace #women #strongher #calories #caloricdeficit

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New blog is up! @rmcumber shares his experience with body image and how men in particular can relate to this societal conditioning. Link in bio!
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