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Caroline🤘🏼💕🦁  Working on my roar🦁 bottomless mimosas🍾 DC blogger🇺🇸Punk rock princess engaged to garage band king🤘🏼Shopping the kids' section at Target 💕 Psalm 25:7


I'm feeling a little uninspired by my blog, discouraged by the slow growth of my Etsy shop, cold, and tired.
I'm also 80 days away from marrying my best friend, who leaves today again for about a week. Wedding planning is in full swing and a little overwhelming.

I'm giving myself a break from cranking out posts and products. I'm taking myself to yoga tonight after a long time away. And I'm trying a new recipe this week.
I'm resting, not quitting. And that's more than ok. ✌🏼

I'm like really and totally genuinely excited for this weekend. Celebrating the births of babes @cloverriot + @juju_pants PLUS my robot wrangler returns to the east coast where he belongs 💕 Tap my pic to see who gets the link love this week!
📸: @foxfete

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I never had a brother but I had a Matthew and that's kind of the same thing ❣️

#tbt #throwbackthursday #toothless #unclematt #ogbesties #twinface #relayforlife #whythetotempole #idk

I look at this and I'm 14 again. She was the pretty one, the popular one, the sweet one, the athletic one, and the funny one. My heart hurts when I think about what she could have grown up into and she never got the chance. But then I turn it into a game- I think that she would have married her college sweetheart who ended up in the NBA. She'd live in a mansion in Miami with a ton of rescue animals and she'd host bomb parties when she wasn't too busy driving her kids to whatever sports practice in her Escalade. I can't even figure out her profession but I'm thinking maybe an architect- she loved to draw and create little worlds.

Trying a new planner (that I totally designed!) 🔛 The CaroLøve today! •

#likeaboss #planneraddict #planner #customplanner #personalplanner

🎶 I was born a 🦄
I missed the ark but I could've sworn you'd wait for me 🎶 🔛 The CaroLøve today •

#unicorn #iwasbornaunicorn #unicornparty #unicorns #unicornsquad #unicorngang

Currently sippin' @coolbeanslbi coffee (can't even tell you what flavor because I mixed them) out of this pretty mug from @pier1. 1️⃣2️⃣ other beauts 🔛 The CaroLøve today

#pier1imports #sheleavesalittlesparklewherevershegoes #goldglitter #hygge #saturdayshopping

Beating the worst of wedding planning now 🔛 The CaroLøve ~ including one challenge that really made me nervous and how I handled it 📸: @simplesentimental

#weddingplanning #etsywedding #weddingtips #engagedaf #feyoncé

Freezing Friday. Literally. WOOF. At least I won't mind hunkering down and cleaning/ watching chick flicks tonight. (Any suggestions that aren't Titanic?) Tap my pic to see who gets this week's link love 🔛 The CaroLøve 📸: @littleanana

#tgif #thankgoodnessitsfriday #friyay #linklove #friyayvibes

5 things that could stop you from achieving your fitness goals 🔛 The CaroLøve rn
📸: @chloe.vs.tank

#fitnessgoals #deadliftsfordonuts #upinthegymjustworkinonmyfitness #chloevstank #workitout

My #NYE look is live 🔛 The CaroLøve. 🎀 📸: @thepricewepaid

#newyearseve #lbd #putabowonit #littleblackdress #whatiwore

I got locked IN my apartment this morning so there's that. But here's pretty stuff I'm peeking at this month. All linked 🔛 The CaroLøve today •

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