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Miss Irie is finally home. @vca did an amazing job at making something like this a little less shitty.

So long Irie, we hardly knew ye. This morning she had a growth on her spleen that ruptured and caused internal bleeding. We had to put her down. This wonderful creature changed my life and even saved it. She helped pull me through a major depression many years ago with her ability to be in tune with human emotion. She is proof that pitbulls are among the most compassionate breeds. She was truly an ambassador for the breed. Goodbye my love.

I have never had salmon jaw before tonight. Mind blown. 🤗

She's just a plant. Another amazing, life saving, medicine making, mood changing, mentality swaying, plant. Because being awesome is what plants do. Fermented juniper berries are also pretty cool 🍸 Oh yeah, Nightmare Cookies outside with Berry White X Lamb's Bread and a Hindu Kush as new seedlings inside. Sundew IPM.

So long Monte Carlo, we hardly knew ye. I wanted to drive this car into the ground, not into the ass end of another car. Long story short, poor road work signage combined with the fact that the cars just ahead of me already crashed leaving me no time to react. Slammed on my brakes, swerved, no luck. WEAR YOUR FUCKING SEATBELTS! They really do save lives, Mrs. Monte Carlo saved mine. I'm fine, just a little sore.

Trimmin, trimmin, trimmin! Beautiful and massive facility.

Because I'm an adult and I can if I want!

Mild winter coming our way this year?

Chillin on a smokey day...

When you get to work and realize you're the only one that didn't get the day off... Somebody's got to water all these babies, and I'm somebody.

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