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The Candlelit Shelf  EST. Feb. 2017 🕯Bookish soy candles, lip balms made in the Philippines 📦Ships worldwide 🇵🇭https://shopee.ph/thecandlelitshelf


If you guys didn't know, this Gryffindor candle is available in our clearance sale in both Etsy and Shopee! Get an extra 10% off in Etsy 😘. We still have more candles available in the clearance sale like: Celaena, Dorian, Chaol, Patronus, Butterbeer, Wintersong, Starfall ❤️.

Happy New Year everyone! A lot happened this year and of course we opened on February 2017 😍. Thank you all for your support! We still have our clearance sale candles available! Once most of them get sold out, we’ll make way for new ones.
But of course we’re still open to custom candles and customized candle boxes (based from the ones available) ☺️. Hope you all have a blessed new year! 🤩🎇🎉🎊 Magical photo by: @chiquireads 💕

We still have a lot of candles on sale! Check out our Etsy and Shopee to see what’s available on sale ☺️. We also have the following candle boxes available: Book Boyfriend, Six of Crows, Night Triumphant (ACOTAR), and Disney. They can also be personalized! You can DM me for more info 😄. Our current Six of Crows box is also available in Shopee for free shipping! We also offer tracked shipping for international packages 💝. Photo by: @sabinesbooks 💕

This box features a total of 6 items for your GrishaVerse fandom 😍. It’s a Six of Crows inspired candle box and all the items inside are jampacked with Six of Crows items that you’re sure to love. There will be 3 items from international suppliers and they’re all high quality! The other 3 will be bookish candles 😎. We only have an available one box for this one because of the international items. We’re open to custom orders of this box so feel free to DM if you want one personalized for you! Since we have only one box, whoever gets it first will be theirs! 😉

The box will be ready to ship around January. So this box isn’t really a theme of the month ☺️. It's already up in Shopee for free shipping! 😍😘 DM if you want it in Etsy!

Here’s another shot of our Night Triumphant candle box. We still have boxes available if you’re interested! This books is perfect for ACOMAF lovers 😍. You can customize some of the content as well!

We’re also gonna release a candle box on January but we’re only going to sell one ☺️. So keep your eyes open! Don’t forget to check our Etsy! 🙈🙊 Most of our candles are still on sale and I’m planning to have a sale for the clearance items as well. This means that the price will be further reduced 😉. Photo by: @sympauny 💕

Almost all our candles are on sale in our clearance sale! These tin candles are available for order via our custom candle listing. So if you want to get these Air Awakens candles you can request them there in Etsy!
We only have one last pair of these two candles so don’t forget to grab them while you still can! ☺️❤️ Photo by: @marinebernier09 💕

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos! We love seeing your beautiful photos 💕. Also, have you seen our stories? Are you interested in Unicorn bookmarks? ☺️ We also have a lot of candles that are still on sale so don’t miss out and head over to our Etsy and Shopee! ❤️ - Hermione 🙆🏻‍♀️ Photo by: @wonderbookworm 💕

Here’s a super late post of our previous Fire-Breathing Book Queen candle box. It’s inspired by Throne of Glass series ☺️❤️ We still have lots of candles on sale so feel free to grab them while you can. Once a design gets sold out, we won’t replenish them again.
Photo by: @sympauny

We still have many candles on sale, this one included 😍. Don’t miss out and head on to our Etsy or Shopee to get yours or for a loved one now!
We’re also open to custom candle boxes although it depends on the series ☺️. We also have an available ADSOM candle box for January and we only have one available! ☺️ Photo by: @themeanderingsoul 💕

Custom orders anyone? I can personalize anything for you especially if you’re giving gifts this holiday season. I also do bulk orders so feel free to order many for souvenirs or gift items ☺️. I’m also open to custom candle boxes for: ADSOM, Six of Crows, and The Infernal Devices so do DM me if you’re interested. We still have stocks of Harry Potter, ACOMAF, Disney, and Book Boyfriend candle boxes!
Photo by: @wonderbookworm 💕

Our: Christmas at Hogwarts, Night Triumphant, Book Boyfriend, and Disney candle boxes are still available! We can also do a custom ADSOM and The Infernal Devices box for you this Christmas! ☺️💝 Also, for international orders, don’t forget that your packages have a tracking number so don’t forget to track them so they won’t get lost ❤️! Photo by: @bookishkaren 💕

If some of our previous candles caught your eye and they’re not in Etsy or Shopee anymore, feel free to DM us because they’re always available for special order.
This week’s custom order is open so feel free to place in custom orders! You can custom your own candle or lip balm with no additional fees!

We’re also open to custom candle boxes. Mainly for the following series: ACOTAR, Six of Crows, The Lunar Chronicles, TID.
DM us if you want your own custom and personalized candle box! ❤️ Photo by: @webookingloveit 😍😘💕

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