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Tour is fun, I like tour, tour make me feel nice, me sad when tour end in 4 days.
📷: @kevikins

Mission Impossible is hands the best action movie franchise to ever exist and Tom Cruise is one of the greatest action movie stars ever. If you disagree, then fuck you. The MI movies keep getting more psycho and Tom keeps blowing my huge brain with his stunts. I can’t wait to see what they do next. All hail Tom Cruise!

Sheen broke, it hot and i’m melting

I had a bad ass day off in Cape Cod Yesterday and did a lot of activities including dropping my iPhone into a lake while kayaking. 📷: @jeremymshea

lol Batman & Robin look shot as fuck

Sliding in your DMs like

This my ride or die homie and I can always count on him to cheer me up and make me lol with the insane shit he says. 👬💦

Lil nippled aqua man baby bitch

I once got to party with Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell at his strip club in 2003. We got invited back to Vinnie’s house and he had a huge ass house on a hill with neon sign that said Vinnie’s Playhouse and that shit blew my mind. Then I got inside and it was so bad ass...air hockey, hot dog machine, secret sex room, secret drum room with the drum kit from the reinventing the steel tour (I got to play on it) and he had a booby photo hunt machine that I got high score on and he was super salty about that. Not only was he one of my favorite bands ever but he was a genuinely nice guy that just like to party with his homies and fans. Rest In Peace to a drumming legend! ☹️

Chopped, smothered, peppered and capped 📷: @roscopcoltrane_

#TBT to the Trio and some of the first tours I ever did with 18 visions. I was so skinny and handsome, now I look like I’m melting. R.I.P. #MickDeth

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